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Since this web-site is lengthy, to motivate you to invest your time to thoroughly read it, the Lord has guided me to impart to you, the reader, the following 'two previews' of this most sacred plan of God:
1- Our Watered-Down Gospel

“In this essay I will prove that the modern-day version of the
Gospels, that western Christendom follows, is severely watered-down”

In 1978 I was dead for an entire afternoon, experienced a full-blown Judgment-Day Experience, and then was allowed to live again. That entire visionary experience is displayed in chapter 5. (The Almighty led me to heavily pepper that entire blessed experience with Bible passages to prove to all that it was the real thing - thus worthy to glean wisdom from)                                                                                                                                  Common sense: Since I was an eye-witness to TRUTH, just as were the original apostles, that makes me a world authority on matters of Faith, just as they were authorities (they were with Jesus for 3 years, I only 3 hours. But, mine was a crash course!!!) Again, from this rare eye-witness account to TRUTH, I can tell you for sure that the gospels of today have been watered-down.

Now, I will show you why this has happened and how its been done.
Then, I will reveal the True Gospel.

The problem is that the Scribes who wrote the Bible hadn't the use of computers as we have today. Through the use of computers the Scribes could have utilized different sized fonts and highlighting as some aspects of the walk are crucial and thus need to be emphasized, and other aspects are relatively insignificant. For example, they would have emphasized the need for 'Action above study' and the supremacy of 'Suffering for the Faith'. Since the entire Bible was written in the same sized font it left the portions of the Bible that get emphasized up to the individual. As a consequence, all the scripture verses which promise the believer salvation with little personal sacrifice or minimal effort have been grandstanded and thus emphasized. This has caused the unpopular verses which cause us discomfort to be minimized and overlooked. Thus by popular demand we have created a watered-down version of the gospel where the only one who pays a price for the faith is Jesus!  We have manufactured a false-god to our own liking who doesn't even want us to suffer for righteousness sake! This watered-down version has been passed down from generation from generation through bible studies till it has become institutionalized! Walking the straight and narrow road has become an option in the eyes of tens of millions, its not a requirement! This perversion has occurred because the overwhelming majority of mankind is spiritually lazy and this 'Works-less  salvation theology' is precisely is what lazy mankind wants to believe.

Now I will prove my charge of spiritual laziness: Just look at the sacrifices people make and suffering that they endure to fulfill their carnal and worldly desires. But, who will voluntarily go through comparable suffering for the love of God? Almost no-one will!

(As a veteran full-time street evangelist from the red-light district of Amsterdam Holland much of my knowledge stems from direct personal experience. Doing full-time street ministry in a crowded city environment is unique venue in that it gives one amply opportunities to suffer for God or suffer for righteousness. *Note: I'm not speaking of great suffering, lots of small suffering even gets God's attention! Therefore, if one diligently walks this path he, relatively quickly, develops the ‘greater love’ as Jesus refers to when He commands us to 'love thy enemy' and the ‘long suffering love’ of which Paul speaks.

The 'merely believe' Bible verses were only meant by the ‘Father of mercies’ to give the new believer assurance. These promises were only meant for the ‘honeymoon stage’ of the penitent's newfound relationship with God, to be merely the first rung of the spiritual ladder. Additionally, these promises were given for the sake of death-bed conversions; people who haven't the earthly life remaining to prove their virtue. Indeed, the initial born-again experience is pure grace from God, but a spirit-filled lifestyle is needed to sustain that salvation. Without living a holy lifestyle the new believer will become re-entangled into the mire of sin. In the 1970s Bob Dylan sang an important truth when he sang his hit song, "You've gotta serve someone."

On another note, if you are one who merely believes in Jesus but you don't serve God you become guilty of burying your talent (see parable of talents, Matt 25:14-30). Recall, the Lord became angry with that fellow who didn't invest and multiply his talent. God labeled this fellow a 'lazy evil servant', and cast him out of His blessed presence and into a place of aweful torment? That horrible place of torment doesn't sound like heaven (paradise) to me!  So, Jesus is telling us that eternal suffering is the lot for those who refuse to life a life of selfless service, for those resist doing works.
As James clearly states -"Faith without works is dead" - means exactly that! Without fitting works one is in great danger of God labeling you a goat on the day of Judgment!

Additionally, since so many believers believe that they have a 'heaven guarantee card', there is no modivation for them to imbibe 'fear of God', as fear of God is uncomfortable. But, I thought as the Word states, "The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom?" Therefore, logic leads us to deduct that since this vast multitude believes that they have a heaven guarantee card, there is no need  to imbibe fear of God. Therefore, even though they may speak with authority, the word says that they are greatly lacking in the wisdom department  (Just as was the case of the ancient Hebrews - "Having eyes that can’t see, and ears that don't hear". Also, since they don't believe in works, countless believers are greatly lacking in good fruit. Therefore, they are spiritually naked as well!)

Salvation has been made easy!
As soon as the sinner recites the sinner’s prayer he is guaranteed entrance into heaven – and its impossible for him to lose this free gift! Free gift? Sure, but only if you were to die that moment! But, like most of us, if you were given many years henceforth to live, in order to keep that free gift you would be compelled to sacrifice much of your personal life (pleasures and/or comforts).
Christ proclaimed Luke 17:33- “Those who save their life will lose it, but those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it”. 
In my death account I was shown over and over again that ‘losing one’s life for God’s sake’ was indelibly connected to salvation. This is where the rubber meets the road!  *Its one of those Bible verses which ought to be emphasized, but isn't because it makes people feel uncomfortable.
Any teaching that waters down the words of Jesus is heresy! Taking those 'merely believe' Bible verses out of the proper context creates this perversion!

(According to the Bible herein is the only guarantee for salvation, Matt 24:13 - “Those who persevere to the end will be saved.” Along those same lines the Bible states over and over again the following requirement for salvation - "Good and faithful servant enter My rest")
All the cheaters are seeking ways to escape consecrating their lives to God, but there is no way to escape from what the Lord created you for - to serve Him. God's intent for the faithful servant is to mold us to be in the image of Jesus! But, the sinner by his selfish life is telling the Lord that he'd rather live like a dog.

When I was a street-minister in Amsterdam Holland occasionally I would eat in a soup kitchen named the Second-Mile. Its named this because Jesus ran the first mile, now its ours responsibility to run the second mile. So many Christians minimize their responsibilities to God; the second mile. Whoa to them! So many are under the great misconception that the gospel is a divine loophole for filthy sinners to go to heaven. When I was dead the Lord's taught me TRUTH: His emphasis wasn’t on taking  filthy sinners to heaven, not at all! Rather, it was on resurrecting the lives of penitent sinners. Matt 5:48- "Be perfect as our heavenly Father."
As we can see, according to the Word, striving for perfection is actually a commandment, its not a option! Additionally, Jesus said concerning becoming perfect - 'with God's help all things are possible.'  So, He is telling us with God's help we are capable of attaining a sinless state!

Unlike what many teach, a great portion of the resurrection process involves what is called 'fighting the good fight.'  What the Almighty clearly showed me when I was dead in body was that fighting the good fight is what attracts God's grace to the believer like a magnet (This grace is the transforming power). Again, the more holy effort you invest in your spiritual life the more grace you will attract to yourself. Thus, to a large extent we are in the driver's seat of our spiritual growth!

On another note, this works-less theology on the surface appears to exalt Jesus more by proselytizing the following fabrication, "You can't do anything to please God, only the blood of Jesus gets God's attention!' My friends nothing can be farther from the truth! - "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him" 2 Chron16:9
Even though Jesus came, the truth of the above scripture verse hasn't changed. Its one of the timeless truths concerning the ways of our Heavenly Father.

In the days of Jesus the Jews by the very fact that they were descendants of Abraham (the chosen people) believed that heaven was their automatic birthright. Jesus burst their illusion by informing them that they were under a great deception in that ‘chosen’ meant something quite different! Chosen means that God expects more out of you ("For much has been given, much will be expected". At the day of Judgment a greater reward for the faithful or worse punishment for the stiff-necked). He proclaimed that heaven wasn’t an entitlement for the elect. It requires striving to live a selfless life before God and thy neighbor. His message of God’s high standards for salvation was unpopular to the Elect of His day. The majority became angry with His ‘painful sermons’ and before Pilate they cried out for His crucifixion.
That is the responce that Jesus received from "Speaking the truth out of love" to His brethren (the Jews).

The majority of professing Christians of today have fallen into the same deceptive trap of the ancient Hebrews (a works-less salvation theology/ heaven guarantee card).
If you were in a postion of great authority and were to point out the hypocricy of the Elect today as Jesus did to His bretheren in His day, most would plot against you.

On another note, notice that suffering for Christ (actually the holiest part of the walk) has been completely replaced by tithing and other forms of donating money? Don’t get me wrong, giving charity and being generous are very great things! But, they are not suffering for the Cross or suffering for righteousness sake.  In the West we have evolved a form of Christianity that has been taken off the streets and therefore the suffering dimension is absent (Again, when one does lots of street ministry one can experience this ‘uncomfortable’ but most sacred element of the faith!)

Picture this: The glory of the standard Christian walk is akin to one visualizing only the tip of an iceberg.  Disciples who are walking this walk are experiencing a small portion of the glory that the Almighty desires to impart. Again,this is similar to seeing only the tip of an iceberg as most of an iceberg is hidden beneath the surface of the water. The glory of the standard walk is pretty good if that is all that you are accustomed to! But, as in the case of an iceberg where most of it is hidden from view, in this same way most of the glory that the Almighty desires to impart to the believer is deliberately held back. Yes, held back! The Almighty will only release this additional glory, and the knowledge of mysteries, to those who pay a greater price for the faith; those who live extremely sacrificial lives or those who suffer for the faith.  Best to practise both!

In conclusion, the Lord wants me to add this:
"Just as Jesus demonstrated His love for us through His sufferings at Calvary, He in turn fully expects all those who wish to please Him to demonstrate their love for Him through, at the very minimum, striving to fully live the Christian lifestyle. ("Making your body a living sacrifice for that is your reasonable service")    
Becoming a disciple is the minimum requirement to get saved (becoming a conqueror)
To become 'more than a conqueror' - those seats of honor are only reserved for those who demonstrate an even greater love; for those who live 'extremely' sacrificial lives (like Mother Teresa's nuns), and for those who 'Suffer for the faith'.  
Before reading further please put the time aside to absorb what you have just read.

2-The Spiritually Superior Lifestyle of Walking the Hard Road for God

Spiritually speaking, not all walks have the same spiritual potency.
I will now prove that a lifestyle of suffering for the faith is the most spiritually advantageous of lifestyles.

(Doing full-time street evangelism in a crowded city environment is an excellent format to experience this spiritually superior lifestyle. I've personally lived this lifestyle and first hand I’ve tasted how glorious that walk is. Utilizing the wisdom of the scriptures and common sense I will prove this truth to believers who have no experience in walking the hard road. This is a great road to walk for young single believers as they don't yet have family obligations to hinder them. Also its great for ones who have empty nests. For 'priceless' reasons such as this the Apostle Paul stated, "It's best not to marry")

To guide the believers  to become victorious in our spiritual journey the Apostle Paul gave us a truth and an analogy.
1- The analogy of the spiritual journey as being likened to the "running of a race" speaks to us of its lengthiness, plus the necessity to move forward quickly. In that same vein when Paul says - "Where I am weak He is strong, therefore I rejoice in my weaknesses."   Here, Paul is giving to us a sure fire recipe to increase our speed in the race!  Herein is that sacred recipe: When we do things for God that are hard for us to do (ie: where we are weak) it makes us increase our speed in the race. (ie: Those are places where God is strong towards us)

What I am going to say next is common sense: Partaking in a walk that is hard for us forces us to exert a greater love of God. Thus, a major factor influencing our speed in the race - its us exerting this greater love of God. The greater the love of God that we exert in our walk, the faster it makes us move forward. . . "to lay hold of the prize / the promise of glory.
*Additionally, as we walk in victory we become zealous as well!

In conclusion >love of God is the gasoline of the spiritual race, the one who lives a lifestyle of suffering for God or a lifestyle of overcoming oneself will spiritually evolve far faster as compared to those who live the standard Christian lifestyle. When it comes to a walk full of 'suffering for the cross' (and this doesn't have to involve great suffering either) our speed in our spiritual evolution becomes like a sprint by comparison to the speed of  'almost' all other walks. This is my experience.
*Recall the old star trek TV series when the enterprise went into warp speed? Its kind of like that!

Now, I am going to introduce you to two modern-day Pauls so you can hear what they say about suffering for the faith:

Richard Wurmbrandt, a man coined, 'The Paul of the Iron Curtain' said in his book entitled, "Tortured for Christ" ... "I only saw the glory of the early church in Christians who were jailed for their faith in communist countries."

The second 'modern-day Paul', is a man who was coined the "Father of the Chinese Church" in his book entitled, "Walk the Hard Road; the Wang Ming Tao Story" ... in his one sentence of advice to Christians who live in the tolerant west he advised, "Walk the Hard Road."

(The only other spiritually fantastic walks that I am aware of are -
1- A walk involving performing tons of acts of mercy - "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy" (doing full-time street evangelism is also a walk of mercy!)
2- Walks compelling us to live a lifestyle of being a humble servant to all (ie: A Pastor can't limit his service to God to his parishioners only, but he must humbly serve all of humanity) 

Additionally, shortly before Calvary when Jesus was asked about meriting sitting at His right and left hand in His kingdom.
Recall His response:
1 - "Are you willing to drink of My cup and be baptized by My baptism?" (Here He is saying >paying a big price for the faith is the prerequisite for becoming very dear to God)
2-  "The greatest in heaven will be the servant of all" - this is another fantastic walk).

When one walks the hard road for God the Father teaches that person directly without the use of books! The Father will teach one such as this just as any good earthly Father teaches His obedient son. Walking the hard road for God is the key that opens a person up to the knowledge of the deeper things of God. This is my experience.

What is interesting is that the theology of modern western-world Christendom teaches an obvious contradiction. They speak more of being 'saved' than 'running the race.' Alas, preaching the saved theology is lots more popular as it doesn't ask anything back from us. This perversion has contributed to the masses of Christendom being lukewarm!

I have much more to say on this subject, but I want to keep it simple for now. There is a great spiritual revival plan of God involving believers walking the hard road. This plan is revealed on this web-site. This plan of the Almighty needs to get into the attention of someone with clout to make it become a reality.  So, please read this web-site and if you feel its the real deal, assist me
This is a new, creative thing of God so prepare             yourself by opening up your mind!

This is the official web-site for the Living Martyrs -
            God's response to militant Islam!

The Almighty's plan is to birth on the world-stage a different / alternative type of Martyr then the world is accustomed to hearing about. The Almighty desires us to raise up a great multitude of        'LIVING MARTYRS' 

Living Martyrs are not people who merely leave this world in one brief moment of 'gory-glory' as the suicide bombers do, but rather for God's sake we consciously walk the hard road on a daily, fairly continuous basis, using street evangelism as our voluntary full-time profession. Many of us live painful lives because we fill much of our days evangelizing  dangerous population groups (drug dealers, gangs, etc.). Because of this hard road that we walk daily and fairly continuously for God, without the benefit of weapons to protect ourselves, it will be obvious that we suffer more for God than them!

Moreover, since Christ commanded us to 'love thy enemy' we strive to convert perceived evil people rather than harm them.
Our Holy Trinity of Action that we adhere to is the following:
1- "Love God with all thy heart, mind, and soul and love thy                     neighbor as  thyself"-  to deal with average people that we 
2- "Whatever you do to the least of them you have done unto Me'
  - to deal with the alienated ones
3- "Love thy enemy" - to deal with all those who treat us badly.

Our 'long-suffering love' is our calling card!
(Full time street ministry in a crowded city environment is the best place that I know to develop this 'King of Virtues!')

Through the manifestation of a great multitude of these Living Martyrs on the world scene sharing the world stage with the Muslim terrorist martyr organizations, and being interviewed by the wire services, by comparison we will show the world a entirely different type of Martyr; a genuine holy Martyr!  When the two types of Martyrs are compared side by side we will provide a stark contrast for the sake of the Muslim world,  to their warped version of holy men.

Additionally, our manifestation on the world stage will fulfill a number of end-time prophecies (chapter 4 speaks of just two of these prophecies!)

When this concept gets off the ground we will be a main factor that will reduce terrorism, and reduce it without having to resort to violence! You can help make this exceedingly wonderful spiritual project manifest by first educating yourself about it by reading all the prerequisite docs which are posted on this web-site. Afterwards, email me and request the Living Martyr Blue-print (chapter 7).

After a thorough investigation, if you have the 'eyes to see' that this is of God, help me get this into the hands of someone with clout to make this become a reality. (People such as your Pastor, homeland security personel, Pro-Life Politicians, CBN - 700 club, Focus on the Family, News Reporters, etc. - you can begin with your brethren or Pastor).
Reading the chapters posted on this web-site is your first step!

To comprehend this sacred project make sure that you read all docs in chronological order only.

      (Table of contents at bottom of page, please scroll down!)
Chapter  1          God's Plan to Reduce Terrorism
Chapter  2.2       The Spiritual-Warrior
Chapter  2.3       The Fool-for-God
Chapter  2.4       The Marriage of Fool & Warrior
Chapter  6  Why Me?

Chapter  7          Living Martyr Blueprint!
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