Inspired from Above, this most sacred spiritual project is to be inaugurated in the major cities of Western Europe. The streets of these cities are brimming with pedestrians, plus these cities contain sizable Arab-Muslim populations.  Generally, these Muslims are more tolerant of other faiths then their Middle Eastern brethren because they live in Western Europe; an open society.
Therefore, Western Europe is the fertile ground where these creative forms of street evangelism (to be explained in detail in later docs) will have the maximum positive impact. Additionally, the Muslims in Western Europe have so many of their relatives living in the Middle East and in North Africa.
Everyone knows the famous adage, a picture paints a thousand words. For example, when Mother Teresa was alive she and the Order that she founded, Missionaries of Charity, astounded the entire world by their wonderful living example of thoroughly dedicated lives of selfless service to the poor. It was like a beautiful painting that was admired world-over by good people of all faiths. Deep down every person with some good in them is positively impressed by people who bear a tremendous amount of good fruit as Mother Teresa and her nuns do. Theirs is a powerful witness!
This time around the Eternal One intends the Universal Church to create another Order to astound the world - a different beautiful painting on the world stage - this beautiful painting is to create a great multitude of LIVING MARTYRS.
Our Living Martyrs are different from the Missionaries of Charity in that the sisters are extremely sacrificial. The core of what they represent is complete negation of self, plus selfless service to the poor. On the other hand, our Living Martyrs are admittedly not as sacrificial as the sisters. We pay a price for our faith in another way. We endure a tremendous amount of abuse because we are engaged in full-time street work. 
Many of our Living Martyrs live a painful life for God's sake by witnessing in the streets to dangerous people. (When I was a street minister in Amsterdam Holland the Lord led me to specializing in witnessing to street cocaine dealers. In walking that path I was once blessed to receive two death threats from different demoniacs the very same day!). We go out either alone or in pairs, and if a witness turns ugly or violent, unlike indoor ministries, there is no-one to escort the perpetrator to the door!
Even if one doesn't witness to such difficult people, doing full-time street evangelism is still a hard road to walk, a road of suffering, because of the immense amount of rejection, scorn, and anger that one has to endure all day long. This path takes a heck of lot of humility and love of God to walk. That is the reason that very few people do much street evangelism! It takes a great love of God to get up every morning and suffer daily like this for Him.
But, walking this path you spiritually evolve very quickly!
The path of the Missionaries is mainly renunciation of all earthly things and all creature comforts, and serving the poor people who frequent their soup kitchens. We on the other hand, spend our days evangelizing on the crowded streets.  No doubt both are noble paths, and both are worthy of the exalted title - Living Martyr. But, the reason our group will be the deterrent to terrorism is because we will touch far more people because we will work on the crowded streets. Additionally, nowadays having the designation 'Martyr' in your job description places you in a certain club that will automatically draw a lot of attention, and naturally lots of comparisons!  
Making suffering for God your full-time occupation is the holiest of walks and attracts God's grace just like a magnet! 
{Mark37-38: James and John came to Him and said, "Teacher," they said, "We want you to do for us whatever we ask." 
"What do you want me to do for you?" He asked.
They replied,"Let one of us sit and Your right and the other at Your left in glory." Jesus said, "Can you drink the cup that I drink or be baptized by the baptism I am baptized with?" 
*This validates what I have been saying - that paying a big price for your faith is the holiest of all the walks!}
All of us Living Martyrs walk the hard road. We are Believers who consciously look for the cross, pursue and embrace it! For that reason our spiritual walk is an especially sacred form of spirituality. Therefore, it will possess the Heavenly anointing that will astound ourselves, the Muslim world, plus everyone else as well!
Once this new way has become manifested on the world stage (to begin in the major cities of Western Europe), it will trigger a prophesied world-wide revival coined - "Latter Rain Revival".
We are full-time Pastors, but unlike all others spiritual groups our Church is without walls . . .it's the streets! Most of the Church in the western world concentrates solely on prayer & worship, Bible studies, and balancing people's worldly obligations and spiritual aspirations. By comparison, street evangelism is our only concern!
We are Pastors of the sidewalk!
The insurgents wrongly believe that they are the only true believers on the planet. We, on the other hand, realize that within all religions are people who are full of goodness and people who are hypocrites and do evil.  
This project is interfaith as far as we can take it and be within God's will.There is a way for all devout believers from different faiths to work together for good under truth, not under religion. This is God's desire and is big part of our mission. There is much, much more about us than I can list in this brief introductory document, that is why you must read this entire web-site to learn the details.
Again, let the Muslim world compare and contrast our holy lives next to the lives of the Muslim insurgents (violent and vengeful men). When one places a holy alternative type of Martyr next to the Muslim insurgents , it will afford a clear contrast of a truly SAINTLY walk, compared to a PERVERTED walk. That's the plan!
I call them counterfeits because in the eyes of some people who don't know God, the uncommon courage of the insurgents makes them stand out from the crowd and appear like holy men. (For example: The Hells Angels have a big presence in the red-light district of Amsterdam. I've observed that a number of people there admire them because of their fearless reputation - probably like many of the Palestinian people view Hamas, Hizbolleh, Islamic Jihad, etc. Courage is a wonderful virtue that the insurgents do possess. But having courage without also imbibing humility breeds arrogance/pride and is destructive. Real holy men possess both humility and courage. Real holy men are noble, balanced human beings). Through the very public spiritual walk of our Living Martyrs we will prove that we are people of great virtue (we will require all Living Martyr candidates to first undergo a hands-on training program that will help us develop these virtues, and cull out the bad apples. Please carefully read all of the docs posted on this web-site. Only after you are finished, request from me the Living Martyr blueprint).
This contrast between us and them will cause many in the Muslim world to RECONSIDER, and then to doubt whether the insurgents are really holy warriors as many had once thought! Plus it will motivate multitudes of Muslims to read the Bible and learn of the teachings of Christ! It is a proven fact that Muslims who read the Bible as opposed to reading only the Koran are lots more tolerant of Jews and Christians.
By causing the terrorists to doubt that their bodily sacrifice will win the highly coveted Martyr's crown (a Martyr's crown gains instantaneous entrance into Paradise), it will naturally detour these future suicide bombers and insurgents. What man would willingly kill himself if he has some doubt that his great personal sacrifice is honored by God? 
Of course, the doubt that we will create in the Muslim world will cause a great many of the Jihadists to doubt, so naturally many will get cold feet! If we can seriously hurt their recruiting ability, we cripple their movement! Therefore, thoroughly investigating this 'LIVING MARTYR CONCEPT' needs to be made the highest priority! Because without your, yes YOUR assistance it may never get off the ground. Because we need to get this concept into the hands of someone with the someone like Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Pres. Bush, the homeland security people - ANY OF THEM!
Additionally, this new thing of God will motivate great multitudes of Muslims to take a close look at the teachings of Jesus (the core of our walk!).
Since the Koran does speak a little about Jesus, devout Muslims wrongly assume that they know everything about Jesus, when the truth of the matter is quiet different! They know almost nothing of His teachings, and what little that they do read in the Koran, much of this is false teaching!
We are a creative plan of God that will motivate Muslims and others to take a close look at the teachings of Christ! It's a proven fact that Muslims who read the Bible are far less radical towards Jews and Christians.
Additionally, through our Order we will grandstand the unsurpassed sacredness of suffering for God's sake. This suffering for the cross is the most sacred part of Christianity, and sadly it is seldom preached! 
Getting out of our comfort zone and suffering for God's sake is the fast-track to glory.
{The writing of the apostles state, "Those who suffer with Him will reign with Him."}
I've been a street minister for many years, and from personal experience I have experienced the anointing that comes to one from regularly walking this path!
Do you still need more evidence that the Eternal One is inspiring this? Christ stated, "You shall know them by their fruit." Just look at the TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of Good Fruit that will manifest as a result of this sacred spiritual project. . .
1.   To cripple Muslim terrorists organizations' recruiting 
2.   To return sacredness to the holy designation - "Martyr".
3.   To open the minds of all peoples to TRUTH - worldwide.
4.   To raise Christianity to a higher standard.
5.   To help bring peace to the Middle East.
6.   To convert great multitudes of atheists - worldwide.
7.   A creative way to motivate the entire Muslim world to read            the  teachings of Christ.
8.   To forever end religious based wars.
9.   Not prophecy fulfilled, but prophecies fulfilled!
Again, with all the grandeous claims that I am making it may seem that we are directly connected to the second coming of Christ - We are!!!
I've written extensively on this new creative concept in order to
prove to the Church that it's all of God - me having to prove this 
was the hardest part, and since the hand of the Lord was with 
me I was successful!
Note: When this earth-shaking endeavor fully manifests I won't necessarily be the one in charge. I originally planned on merely being one of the many who are full-time on the streets, but since time is so late I'm not sure at this point. Our leader and administrators will at least be part-time on the streets.
We will be known to be people of action! 
Our Martyr is someone who true, does lots of street-witnessing, but that merely scratches the surface of who we are and what we do! There is far more to us than you realize at this point, too much to speak about through this one brief introductory essay. This concept was not dreamed up yesterday, but it has been years in the making! To learn the total picture about us, please read the following handful of essays posted on this web-site specifically written for this new concept!
For those of you who are familiar with the parable of the Good Samaritan, recall  the poor fellow dying in the streets whom nearly everyone passed by except the Good Samaritan? Well, this spiritual project is just like that poor fellow dying in the streets! Without people who love the Lord  and who love goodness to stand in the gap to help get this into the proper hands, it may never manifest because Armageddon will force God's hand! This sacred plan of the Almighty is not a human with a mouth to cry out. Therefore I am pleading with you on its behalf!
From your point of view even if there is merely a 1% chance that I really do have the goods as I claim, this ought to make it well worth your time to make a prayerful and thorough investigation of this blue-print.
Our Living Martyr is not all talkie talkie as it may appear, but rather he is a man of action! The concept is explained in further detail in the following essays. You will find that these essays will reveal the highest form of religion on the planet
(because it is a suffering-based form of religion)
Since this document that you are reading is merely an advertisement, please read the other docs that are posted on this web-site. Only after reading all the posted chapters, then request to read the Living Martyr Blueprint, and we will gladly send it to you via email!
Again, after I have proven my claims to your satisfaction please help me get this Divine Blueprint into the hands of someone with clout (Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Politicians, Dept. of Homeland Security, or even just your Pastor. . . as he knows other Pastors!
Then, through them or who they may know we can eventually get it to the president.
(If a Whitehouse spokesman was to phone the leadership of every major denomination and ask them to look over this Divine Blueprint, these leaders would surely make the space to do so. 
Then, the Eternal One would surely speak to them all).
The plan is that the religious organizations would be supplying the manpower and the financial resources to manifest this new concept. Not a dime would come from our government. Thus, we would not violate the separation of Church and State.
Sincerely, Ira Rosenblit (oversee-er),
Copyright 2005. All rights reserved,
Ira Rosenblit 
Copyright © 2006 
Ira Rosenblit
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