Out of all the wonderful qualities that the Almighty desires to develop within the believer His two most cherished ones are that of being a 'Spiritual-Warrior' and being a 'Fool-for-God.'
(Note: The Lord expects a very high level of obedience from those who walk either of these sacred paths)

1.  A SPIRITUAL-WARRIOR (example: Apostle Paul)
2.  A FOOL-FOR-GOD (example: Many of the early Franciscan-Christians)

Our Living Martyr will develop both of these highly treasured qualities within his character!

While acting in my capacity as a full-time street evangelist in a crowded-city environment I strived to follow Jesus through walking in the footsteps of some of His topmost servants, plus through obeying  the moment-by-moment promptings of the Holy Spirit. Through walking this road in humility and obedience, the Lord gradually revealed within me the above two sacred paths.
Note: The Lord insists that I first fully experienced everything that I promote in my writings.
Thus, I've personally walked both the sacred paths mentioned above, and the next two documents on this web-site are beginner's manuals to these two sacred paths! These beginner's manuals will teach anyone who so desires, through the vehicle of street evangelism, how to gradually develop each of these treasured qualities within himself!

Our future spiritual organization will have a hands-on-training program to teach all our Living Martyr candidates how to utilize and to develop creative forms of street evangelism that will not only win multitudes of souls for God, but will also greatly accelerate their own spiritual evolution.
If any of you were once fans of the movie, Star Trek, you will understand my next statement:


My boast of Warp-Speed spiritual growth is no hype! The Almighty, Himself, led me to use this analogy because it paints an accurate picture of, spiritually speaking, how far superior a lifestyle of suffering for the faith (example: full-time street ministry), is compared to the standard Christian lifestyle people are accustomed to (Church attendance, tithing, plus honest work).

*It's for reasons such as this that St. Paul proclaimed -
            "It's best not to marry!"

Now, please allow me to make a crucial comparison.
I am going compare two different spiritual walks. Since I have  walked both paths I have come to a clear conclusion.

Path 1 - Attending two to three spirit-filled church services every                       week, and working a standard job outside of the church 
               {just like most believers)
Path 2 - Making a profession about taking one's faith full-time to the

I've personally experienced how vastly spirituality superior this second lifestyle actually is!
{I'm not knocking the former walk, I'm merely speaking of a far more spiritually glorious walk!}
This suffering for God lifestyle has a far greater value before God! No comparison!!!
It is even far greater  before God than one who works full-time for God behind the walls of a Church. The reason being is that 
the personal price that each of us pays for our faith is of paramount importance to the Almighty.
Converting your neighbor is important, but to overcome yourself is by far the most important  thing that one can do!
Suffering for the faith is the highest service to God.
{Jesus said, "Those who suffer with Him will reign with Him"
For that same reason martyrdom is the holiest death}

Suffering for the faith is the key ingredient which draws to Living Martyrs this extra measure of grace! Great news for us all is that I'm not speaking of great suffering either! Willingly enduring massive amounts of scorn, insults, humiliations, threats, angry outbursts, hardships, etc. for the love of Christ all adds up! (These are things one can't experience behind the walls of a church. . . but one can easily experience these 'barbs' while doing full-time street evangelism in a crowded-city environment!)

The Lord gave me this other analogy to use: 
The spiritual life is just like an iceberg.
To be a candidate for the kingdom of heaven one must first become a disciple.
1- Jesus said,  "Those who save their life will lose it, but those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it."
2- Paul said,  "Make of your body a living sacrifice for that is your reasonable service" Note: reasonable means minimum

For disciples who live the required consecrated life, but who don't suffer for the faith, their entire spiritual experience is good but they live in the tip of the spiritual iceberg. This characterizes most of the disciples in the soft west. If all that you have experienced is the tip of the iceberg that is all you believe that there is!
But, just like in the case of an actual iceberg there is far more of it hidden from view  than we see in the tip alone! The Lord purposely keeps many things hidden (mysteries), and only reveals these mysteries to those who pay a greater price for the faith! Just like in the case of the iceberg most of it is hidden from view, in this same way there is a deeper, richer relationship with God that  God only reserves for those who pay this greater price for the faith.

In my case, becoming a spiritual warrior (SW) primarily developed within me the virtues of courage, obedience, and this long-suffering love (deeper love) that the scriptures speaks of. 
By walking the path of the SW I primarily utilized these virtues, thus I grew in them!  
(Interestingly, a great way to grow one's virtue of long-suffering love relatively quickly is to spend time loving difficult people.
For this same reason Jesus commanded us to, "Love thy Enemy")

Living as a Fool-for-God (FFG) primarily develops humility, purity, and obedience, as walking this path one is often humiliating oneself; publicly! When one spends lots of time working with these virtues, through street evangelism, naturally that person grows in the virtues that he practices!

Chapter 2.2 speaks of becoming a Spiritual Warrior, and 
chapter 2.3 speaks of becoming a Fool-for-God. The wisdom imparted in these essays teaches anyone how to rapidly develop these virtues through practicing these creative forms of street evangelism.
So, by all means read these essays!

Sincerely, brother Daniel
email: lovetruth2005@hotmail.com

Furthermore, the gospel directs us to be "Partakers in the sufferings of Christ. Those who suffer with Him will reign with Him" >suffering and humiliation and the two different aspects of the Cross; different ways to suffer for the Cross.
This is the full gospel!
>Living Martyrs will be required to fully experience both forms of suffering, because to endure both forms transforms one into a balanced disciple.

Right away, you ought to be able to see why this is a higher form of Christianity!

Ira Rosenblit 
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Ira Rosenblit
Introduction to Creative Street Evangelism
Chapter 2.3The Fool-for-God
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