' A fast-tract to become a Living Saint'

Of King David the Almighty proudly exclaimed, 
"I have found a man after my own heart, He will do all that I ask of Him!"

Do you desire to be prized by God as was King David? If so, keep reading because you will learn a sure fire technique on how to make that possible! I am going to give to you a sure fire formula (the engine), all you would need to do is supply the gasoline (a 
willingness to sacrifice or suffer whatever the Lord asks of you. . . because you can bet your bottom dollar that if you walk this path while doing full-time street ministry in a crowded city environment the Lord will test you, heavily at times!
But if you gird up your loins and obey most everything asked of you He will raise you up quicker then you ever dreamed possible!

My question to you is, "To do all that God asks one, first we must  become hyper-sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, 
because often when the Lord speaks to us, its subtle.  Isn't this true? 

In this essay I will be teaching you a mystery of God that the Almighty taught to me. Its a spiritual technique that will enable anyone who walks this particular walk to be hypersensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Thus, this is a path, if walked well, can make anyone 
a first class disciple - as was David!

Applying this technique will teach anyone how to be lead by the Holy Spirit, and walk by faith and obedience
(obedience to the  Holy Spirit is essential! 
> "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens  me")

People who desire to learn how to fully walk this 
path must life of lifestyle of simplicity. A lifestyle consisting of a minimum of world pressures and obligations. Additionally, they need to live outside of their comfort zone.

It is documented that Jesus had an inner circle: John, James, and Peter. To this inner circle He taught things that were not taught to the other apostles. With all humility I have to say that I have been 
blessed with a piece of spiritual knowledge that was only taught to them. (the Lord revealed to me that this is where this wisdom first surfaced). I am honored to be the one who is chosen to now share this 'Pearl' with all those who love the Lord. * Note: This wisdom is reserved only for those who are sold out to God.

Now, please hear how this wisdom came into my life, and how applying it in my walk greatly accelerated my spiritual evolution.
(In this essay I will be speaking of deeds I performed, not to glorify myself, but only to prove to you that I have personally experienced 
the things that I am writing about.  Therefore, my words on this subject are worthy of being heard).
Around the year 1998 I moved to Amsterdam Holland for the sake of becoming a full-time street evangelist.  When I arrived there and made myself fully available for the service of the Lord  He deepened my relationship with Him in so many ways. 
One of the major ways I will be writing about in this essay. . .

In Amsterdam He brought to my recollection two wonderful pearls of wisdom that had crossed my path in my past. Applying that wisdom had blessed me (Shortly, I will be speaking about them at length, but first I must prepare the ground, so please patiently read this entire text). 

While serving in Amsterdam in my vocation as a street minister the Almighty led me to apply both of these spiritual laws (pearls) in my walk. When put into practice  these two spiritual laws compliment 
and enhance one another as two wheels work together to move forward a chariot. Applying them in my walk sensitized me to all the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit usually speaks to us in a subtle fashion, and it is an art to always be tuned into it. But, 
without first hearing it is impossible to obey. The wisdom for which
 I will be speaking of will help anyone who so desires to fully develop the art of being in tune with the voice of God, whenever He speaks.

Note: It's most fruitful when one applies these spiritual laws while doing street evangelism in a crowded city environment. Why is this? In my experience it is because when one follows these spiritual laws in the crowded streets, the Lord leads one through a Holy Spirit designed 'Spiritual Obstacle Course.' Walking this course 
continually tests you by prodding you to perform difficult deeds so 
you will overcome yourself (crowded streets are required for one to experience seamless constant testing!).
As you overcome yourself God raises you up quickly (compared to the standard fare), and you become a quality disciple.
{Rev 2:17- "To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it."}

By applying both of these spiritual laws  in my walk the Lord taught me a precise formula on how to constantly live in tune with the Holy Spirit. Yes a precise formula!! I sincerely believe that this may be the most sacred spiritual walk on the planet!!! (That is, if you obey all that is asked of you!)  But, if you aren't extremely obedient its preferable not to hear so well. 
One can't be accused of being disobedience if you don't first hear)

Over only one-year's time, as I was careful to obey God in 'almost everything' asked of me, it earned me great merit in the His sight! The Almighty does not impart rapid spiritual growth to anyone who doesn't first prove himself through the crucible of many fiery trials. If one engages in Holy Spirit led full time street ministry in a crowded city environment the Lord brings the fiery trials to you; one after the other! Its a tough path to walk, but far from impossible! If you walk it well God raises you up faster than you can ever imagine!

The Lord has so many servants working out in His vineyard. Out of so many field-hands, one of them is doing something different from the rest of the crowd that is drawing the Master's attention. If there is any chance that a directive is coming from the Master, this fellow is not taking any chances and thus fulfilling whatever 'might' be being asked of him. As a consequence of this behavior the King points towards the fellow and says to one of His angels, "That fellow over there honors me far more than the others, he is far more zealous in deed! Fetch him and bring him into My very own house so I can get a better look at him!"
> Friends, I am not saying what I am about to say for vanity's sake, but rather to motivate you to take holy-action. That servant who was invited into the Lord's own house was myself! Again, if you do the same as I did you will reap the very same blessings because "God is no respecter of persons". Again, walking the hard road attracts God's favor like a magnet attracts metalm filings! Pew potatoes will never receive such marvelous spiritual blessings. I never did when I was a member of that club! Following this spiritual formula will definitely get you out of your comfort zone!

{Mark 10:37-39, James and John asked Jesus > "Let one of us sit at your left, and the other at your right in your glory." Jesus responded by saying, "Can you drink of the cup that I drink, or be baptized by the baptism that I am baptized with?"} . . . Christ's statement here enlightens us to the basic spiritual truth that paying a big price for the faith is the highest of spiritual paths! This is the sure road to become -"More than a Conqueror!"
I'm not speaking about being saved (a conqueror), I'm speaking about someone who becomes spiritually rich, like the holy-men from the Bible. (That is what is meant to become - "More than a conqueror!")
*Note: One doesn't have to be endure tremendous suffering for His sake in order to move up the spiritual ladder quickly. Enduring lots of small sufferings for His sake also grabs His attention!

Walking this same hard road will draw a powerful anointing to anyone as 'God is no respecter of persons.'  The good God does in one man He will do anyone who pays the price.

For God's sake when one walks the hard road it attracts His grace to us like a magnet attracts metal filings. This tidbit of spiritual wisdom is foreign to almost all Church people because few do any street evangelism, and almost no-one does street work as a full-time profession. Walking the hard road is my Calling. After reading this essay hopefully some disciples will take up this walk, voluntarily. 

The Almighty desires that I share with all sincere servants of God some of the things that I have learned utilizing these 'two pearls of truth.'

The first pearl came to me through a Franciscan-Christian holy-man named Brother Giles. He was one of the spiritual giants of the early Franciscan order. In the middle of an especially powerful spiritual experience he was blessed with that lasted a couple of days he came out of his prayer cell, weeping and lamenting about a certain sinful way that he had just become painfully aware of. Here is what he said to his companion, "How can I not weep when I have come to see that I am an enemy of God, when He has been so merciful to me and given to me such a great gift?
 Until now I have gone where I wished, and done what I wished, laboring with my hands. But now and henceforth I can not do as I used to, but from now on I must do as I feel -'Guided From Within'.
Thus ,through Brother Giles the Almighty taught me that a major way that He communicates to us: We are  'Guided from within'..
The second pearl I heard preached over the pulpit of Glory Chapel in Hartford, CT. where I used to go to church. Here it is: 
  'When in doubt always side with God'

Most of us humans are pretty much the same in that we are drawn to the things which we enjoy and we resist things that cause us discomfort (our cross). Additionally, we resist walking down paths that create more work for us. Therefore, through knowing myself well I come know most everyone! I've discovered that when the Almighty imparts to me easy or pleasant assignments,  I hear His voice immediately - loud and clear. On the other hand, when He imparts assignments that are bitter to follow (which is much of what He imparts), I tend to 'doubt' many of these unpleasant 'Divine directives'. Thus, when a directive is uncomfortable the Almighty's clear voice becomes faint. Be honest, don't all of you exercise this same negative defense mechanism???

Therefore, because of our 'fig leaf of doubt' believers hide behind much of what the Almighty is calling them to do!  Much of His will for our lives is never realized! What a sad awakening this will be for almost all believers on Judgment day!! 
>Note: This is an unconscious way that we all have been denying our cross. Nearly all have been doing this so long we don't realize we may be disobeying. Indeed, this fig leaf is gigantic!

All of us are guilty of being picky about when we choose to believe that a directive is the voice of God or it is not. Therefore, we have been picking and choosing about when we obey God! Can't you now see that? (Therefore, how few souls do you suppose actually succeed in being very obedient to God in all things, as was King David?)

The Almighty One has taught me a sure-fire technique to overcome this huge spiritual flaw that we all have; that is the subject matter of this paper!

There are times when one follows both of the spiritual laws listed above in tandem, and other times when one using only one of the principals is all that the situation merits using. 

Now, to illustrate an example how following this 'spiritual formula (both in tandem)' is so very powerful: Example: One walks past a porno shop. My experience of what 'guided from within' means is that a 'feeling' or 'urge' is leading you to walk into that shop and witness to the fellow who works inside, to enlighten him about the peril for his soul through representing and promoting porno, pleading with him to leave that job and find different work.
         Since witnessing in this scenario has a high probability of bringing an angry reaction, my guess is most of us will doubt that the urging may have come from God. Our doubt becomes our excuse not to do it. Then, unless the Lord resurfaces it, repeatedly, most of us will never do it! (Often the Lord will gently speak to us about a subject only once or twice). I am convinced that nearly everyone in the Church is using the technique of doubt  to deny the cross that the Lord is offering to each of us (hiding behind our doubts!). 
The Bible states, "Those who suffer with Him will reign with Him"
(Not get saved >Reign!!!! When G-d calling us to suffer for Him,     He is honoring us!)

Utilizing these two spiritual principals in tandem:
1- "Do as you feel guided from within"       
2- "When in doubt always side with God" 
means when you feel the spiritual nudge / urge prompting you, first ask yourself the question, "Might God ask me to do such a thing?" 
If the answer to that question is yes, and obeying this inner prompting can't cause any harm, then you assume it was from God.
Therefore, you must obey that urge!

By following this special 'spiritual formula' in my capacity of being a full-time street minister in the vice capital of the world, the red-light district of Amsterdam, I was no longer able to hide behind my 'fig leaf of doubt' from obeying bitter directives that the Lord was sending me. Now I was repeatedly confronted with painful deeds to perform (I was repeatedly faced with my cross, a suffering lifestyle). Whereas by adhering to my old familiar pattern, it was miles easier for me to hide from God and relax, behind my fig leaf of doubt, whenever obeying His voice would cause me too much unwanted discomfort.
*Note: Prior to this realization I had never before realized that I had been unconsciously hiding from the Holy Spirit all of my spiritual life!

Again, utilizing this spiritual formula, while serving as a full-time street minister in a crowded city environment, created an environment where the Lord rapidly ran me through a large number of fiery trials in a short span of time.  I was as though I was being  given the blessed opportunity of stepping on a spiritual growth accelerator peddle!  (Again, walking this path was akin to partaking in a spiritual obstacle course. It was a real tough road!).

Over time, the Lord led me to 'specialize' in witnessing to street-level cocaine dealers (definitely not a ministry that I would have chosen for myself!). Through walking this harder road the Lord taught me this spiritual truth - 
"The hardest ministries that hardly anyone wants to work are usually the most dear to the heart of God!" 
(It has to do with the sacredness of suffering for your faith.
"Those who suffer with Him will reign with Him." - 2Tim2:12)

To be clear on what, 'When in doubt always side with God"  means in practice: 
Let us imagine that there is a particular business opportunity (or the like) that is being offered to you or you are presently involved with, and your 'gut feeling' or conscience is telling you that it 'might' be against God. Following this second spiritual law - "When in doubt always side with God" - mandates that you refuse to take any chances of sinning against God. Therefore, if the deal appears smelly leave it alone! Therefore, you must totally reject becoming involved in that dealing no matter how appealing the profits appear!
(Often, when we have a vested interest in something we lose our necessary objectivity on that issue. For a believer who is sincerely trying to walk the righteous path that is required of all this loss of objectivity is a dangerous pitfall. For this same reason a Judge is obligated to exempt himself from sitting in judgment of cases that personally affect him).

An opportunity to make some fast money might present itself that gets you salivating. However, this biz deal might be sinful. Often on account of our being under great temptation, our minds can easily become clouded and this 'clouded thinking' causes many people to make terrible choices that can harm society, harm themselves, and thus severely damage their eternal relationship with God!.

For example: one night while praying, the Lord revealed to me His great sadness over the fact that many street-level crack dealers aren't such bad people as they appear to be on the surface. The lure of fast money has caused many people to make a  terrible choice (to sell crack-cocaine). In other areas of their life they may be decent people. Since the Almighty One is a Righteous Judge He is distressed over the fact that He is going to be forced to severely punish 'some' not-so-bad people. Severely punish them  because  they are  distributing a substance that destroys people's souls. Again, since God is righteous He has no choice but to pay them with a most severe  punishment > Hell!

The Lord desired me to take up holy-action on what He had just revealed to me.       But because walking this path was painful and very dangerous, I initially pocrastinated. Within a couple of days I felt the heat of the Lord's anger directed at me >>> Then, I sprang into action! Ha!
(Note: I made a deal with God.  That I would witness to street level dealers only part-time, and witness to others the rest of the time, as I wasn't strong enough to do this type of ministry full-time. Thank God, the Lord readily accepted my compromise!)

I would spend lots of time trying to motivate these street dealers to refrain from selling crack (these were the days before massive prescription pill abuse)  (Dangerous work- I received two death threats in one day alone!). 
This is the type of work that earns God's SACRED RESPECT fast! (Everyone knows that God loves all His servants. But by SACRED RESPECT,
 I'm speaking of something - HIGHER)

After speaking with so many street dealers, I was shocked to discover that approximately 15% of them regularly attended church and / or regularly read the Bible! I am not joking!!
Its amazing the excuses that people used to sell crack.
Below, I have listed the main rationalizations dealers used to sell this demonic substance:
1- They are going to buy from someone, someone is going to make the money,
 it might as well be me!
2- The rich folks, the ones who make the big money, the ones who bring it into the country > They are the criminals
3- If I know they have never used I won't sell to them.
4- To me its just a hussle!
5- I am not forcing anyone to buy it, I am just giving them what they already want!
6- "Since I can't get working papers I must sell this stuff to remain in Holland"

This example topped the cake! : One night there was an individual who approached me to sell me crack. I responded to his offer by telling him that the Lord wanted me to tell him something. His immediate response was this - "First, let us pray!" 
Next, we both bowed our heads in unison, and I allowed him to lead us in prayer!!!

Common sense tells me that this one spiritual law is so valuable that its easily worthy of being posted in the Bible. For example, if crack dealers applied this one spiritual law ("when in doubt always side with God") it would cut through all the above rationalizations. Thus, it would save so many from becoming ensnared in demoniac businesses that will send them to hell! Can't you see the fantastic blessing from using this one spiritual law in regards to financial ventures? 

Now I am going to appeal to your common sense once again, please reflect on the following: By following this spiritual formula one is giving God full control of his life (note: when you apply this formula while doing street work its far, far higher because its only in the streets that you have the opportunity for the love of God to experience sufferings, insults, humiliations and risk physical injury at the hands of evil men as opposed to following this formula in a controlled environment where there is very limited potential for suffering attached to it. In other words, only in the streets do you have the opportunity to experience being - 'Partakers in the Sufferings of Christ!' For this reason, the streets for a street evangelist  become > 'the holy-streets!'
 For this same reason serving in the streets is the most sacred place to give God full control of your life. Aren't I making sense?)

Since Jesus suffered on the cross so severely for our sake how can we deny Him anything He may ask of us??? Thus, remembrance of the cross is the reason that we can say with boldness, "I can do all things in Christ Jesus, who strengthens me." But also because of that same cross, if we disobey God concerning anything He asks of us that is within our grasp and power to deliver to God our disobedience is a worse sin than if the crucifixion had never occurred! 

Because I walked this harder spiritual road the Lord rewarded me by flooding me with revelation. I didn't seek wisdom, wisdom sought me out! Since God is 'no respecter of persons' if you likewise walk the hard road for His sake you also will become flooded with revelation! I'm thoroughly convinced the reason that Elijah had a school for prophets is because the path to become exceedingly pleasing in God's sight can be taught to anyone. Taught, but only the zealous will have the inner strength to overcome. One will have to be willing to humble himself and pay whatever the price that our Eternal Father might ask of him 
(haven't you discovered that God's middle name is - Mr. Test???)

Greatness in God's sight comes with a price tag that your average believer is  unwilling to pay. The Almighty loathes the famous saying, "Jesus knows my heart". Just as Christ demonstrated His love for us on the cross, the Lord expects us to demonstrate our love for Him through living a humble life as a selfless servant of God and of our fellow man. Certainly, that is the very least (minimum) that we can do or we are not worthy to even be saved! To become greater in God's sight involves paying a greater price that this; a price in sacrifice or suffering.

Christians are good at glorifying Christ's cross of glory. . that is very good thing.
 But what the Lord desires even more is to see our cross of glory! Obviously, its nothing next to that of Christ or that of St. Paul, nevertheless the Almighty yearns for His children to make a good go of it! Its the path to become 'More than a conqueror'. This suffering for the cross is a fast track!)

Whenever one follows this wisdom they are honoring God; when they refuse they are only honoring their own personal whims. I will further illustrate the spiritual power of following these directives through a true story:

For all those zealous souls who are considering utilizing this spiritual street-ministry lifestyle & formula to go all the way with God pleasseeee take more advice from me before the plunge, as I have experienced walking this painful, at times dangerous, glorious road. Thus, I know how to glean the most good fruit from walking it. The two books to read would  be the Bible and the Christian classic, "The Little Flowers of St. Francis" by Raphael Brown (this Little Flowers book is the perfect complement to the Bible. Many deep things of God are revealed in this book. *Essential: skip reading the introduction till after you have read the entire book). The spiritual wisdom contained in both of these books will prepare you for whatever the Lord may ask of you. So please be well-versed in both books before you start on your journey!

Also, it's essential that all disciples who aspire to walk this path live a lifestyle that Francis of Assisi called 'Holy-simplicity' {a renounced, non-cluttered, no pressing earthly obligations. . . no pressing time-schedule, non-intellectual / thought-free lifestyle > as much as possible}. This is because by living a lifestyle of Holy-simplicity it makes the mind calm (akin to a lake without a ripple in the water), and it becomes far easier to hear from God.

Additionally, when one lives this a holy-simplicity lifestyle its far easier to win when we are confronted by the fiery trials. On this path one will be very heavily tested, and regularly. Only through living a life of 'Holy-Simplicity' will one have access to their full inner-strength which is often needed in order to pass many of these arduous, and perhaps dangerous tests.

Since we know that this sacred lifestyle (which Paul also spoke of) was only taught to the inner circle, common sense tells us that there is a good reason for this. Since I have also fully experienced walking this most sacred road (as I have thus far proven), and have experienced the very great spiritual blessing it can reap in one's soul in a very short period of time, I know the reason that this was not taught to the other Apostles. It's because this is an arduous, dangerous, and nerve-wracking walk that most believers can't handle. To experience this greatly accelerated spiritual growth its not for free, you must welcome suffering (all types). God will exalt the humble through prodding them to be courageous, and He will debase the proud by prodding them to humiliate themselves (the knowledge of the humiliations is the reason the Lord desires you all  to read that Franciscan-Christian book!).
Many of us may need to be prodded both ways (I have both of my hands raised!). The famous sayings 'no pain, no gain' fully applies here!

*WARNING - COUNT THE COST! If you are not prepared to obey God in whatever He might ask of you, prepared to welcome all types of suffering, do not attempt to walk this path. As you can see, those who walk this path can no longer hide behind the universally used 'fig leaf of doubt' or make any other excuse when the Almighty One calls us to the mat (And He will. . . believe it! Why? Because He wants to see "Whose heart is perfect towards Him". When the tests arrive we must do our best to prove to Him through holy obedience or He will not believe us! Therefore, His testing is a must!!! 
(For reasons such as this Paul said, "It's better to remain unmarried". Since Paul walked this path I'm convinced that he  tasted this greatly accelerated path to holiness that I've been referring to).

*Note: It's far, far preferable not to hear God's voice, then to hear His voice and then to disobey Him.           
> Please take the time to ponder this truth.

Though, if you can handle this path, I believe it was the path of Paul, and I know it was the path of the inner circle, its a high path to follow! Additionally, this may have been the path of King David because the Almighty said of him, "I have found a man after My own heart, he will do all that I ask of him!" This is a technique to teach anyone who applies it how to hear all that God asks us to do. And without first getting fully in tune with the Holy Spirit (hearing), how can we have the opportunity to obey Him in all things? Certainly this is one of the holiest walks ever given unto men!!! I am thoroughly convinced that it is one of the fastest paths ever conceived to become a living Saint (a son of God)!!!!

Note:  Its not merely the fact that one walks the hard road that is significant. But, doing so with the proper attitude is important >  To walk it with zeal and joy!

*What you have just read is only part of the walk of OUR 
LIVING MARTYR! There is more to us than even this!!!

Note: The sole reason that the Lord led me away from my sacred lifestyle is because we are in the last days, thus time is running out! God desires not only myself to have the great privilege of walking this sacred way, but also a great multitude of other zealous souls worldwide to follow suit! (The only reason that I haven't already attained Sainthood on account of walking this most sacred way is because my soul is especially darkened by the deeeeepest hate.
(I'm not an ordinary sinner. . .see chapter 6). Thus, for rage-aholics (real life Darth Vadars) such as myself, it takes far longer than for normal sinners (depending entirely on the degree of inner pollution one has).

On account of an end-times, worldwide, spiritual revival blue-print that has been entrusted to me (see chapter 1), by necessity I have been forced off the holy-streets and into the role of being a motivational spiritual writer and promoter. . .as you can see! The Almighty rarely asks any disciple to stunt his own spiritual growth - as I have done by abandoning this sacred lifestyle. 

He has only asked this of me because something far holier than even Mother Teresa (becoming an Apostle) is now of the table before us! It's the creation of a multitude of Apostles!! And to create these Apostles quicker than it took her to attain her spiritual enlightenment!
We aim to create them cookie cutter style by running them through an challenging spiritual obstacle course.
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