After reading the essays posted on this web-site many people will think better of me than I deserve. Now, its time to tell the whole story. This will deflate this larger than life image of myself that has been projected. So, please allow me the space to give you my testimony. . .
It was around the year 1995 and the Lord began asking me to pay big prices for the faith. I didn't mind walking a hard road, but the path the Lord was asking me to walk was downright dangerous!
I got on my face before the Almighty begging for mercy; that He would lighten my cross. His response to me was as clear as if He had spoken human words to me. Here is what He said:
"I expect more out of you because I chose you, you did not choose Me!"
I stopped my complaining and reflected upon my past. It was back in 1978 that I had become fatally ill, literally died, experienced a full-blown Judgment-Day Experience (JDE), and then the Lord allowed me to live again. (This is chapter 5)
At the time of my spiritual wake-up call I was a person who was not interested in God or spiritual things at all. Back then,  I was only interested in living my life for my own enjoyment.  Nevertheless, the Lord showed this unworthy sinner extraordinary mercy by personally teaching me the spiritual path while I was dead in body, and then giving me the rare opportunity of being allowed to return to live a holy lifestyle. 
As you can see, what the Lord had said concerning Himself choosing me, not I Him, was entirely true. Therefore His extra expectations of me is totally understandable and fair. 
After that experience I straightaway girded my loins and from that point onward I accepted the fact that my cross was going to be very heavy, and I willingly paid that higher price for the faith. What I had initially considered a great burden (being required to walk such a hard road), to my great surprise became the greatest of blessings! Because when I started saying yes to the most difficult ministry assignments, the windows of heaven opened up to me and God's glory filled my cup till it runeth over! If it wasn't for that divine push I may never have said yes to the dangerous and painful path that the Lord was asking me to walk.  When I started paying this greater price for the faith I merited earning God's respect. 
(God loves everyone, but by making oneself worthy of His respect I am speaking of something that makes you special to Him!)
Walking these sacred paths that I have written about has blessed my soul. . .abundantly! Walking these paths would do the same for anyone as "God is no respecter of persons"
If anyone for the love of God walks a harder road and does it well, their relationship with God will most definitely, vastly improve! 
Walking the hard road for God's sake is like stepping on our spiritual growth accelerator peddle! By walking this road your trials and tribulations will increase in ferociousness, but if you go through them God's way - after each one you become purer, and you shine brighter!
I walked such a hard road only because the Almighty required that of me. Indeed, it's a great thing to obey God's most difficult directives.            
*Still, there is something even greater in God's sight than even this!!! Even though it is not written, here it is. . .   
"It's a much greater thing to do the hard things for God without the Lord having to ask you to do them!"
(We hear so many, even Pastors proclaim, concerning doing daring deeds for God - "If Jesus called me to it, I would do it!"
Herein is God's point >Once we understand that something is sacred if we had a 'heart after God' we would take action without Him having to prod us! If we don't have a 'heart after God' taking action here is the sure way to develop this priceless quality!!!!!!!!)
brother Ira
Daniel Rosenblit 
Copyright © 2006 
Daniel Rosenblit
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