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John-the-Baptist! - part 2
The Creator doesn't  work closely with anyone whom He does not hold in high esteem as He has countless people  from which to choose.  But, the Almighty chose a non-Christian. Through us analyzing the holy life of Rabbi Kahane I will prove the following to be true: In God's eyes there are greater things than accepting the personage of Jesus.  Its a far greater thing to live a life full of holy deeds (living outside of our comfort zone) and even have an imperfect theology, as compared to someone who may have a perfect theology, but mainly lives in their comfort zone. The sacredness of living a lifestyle of walking the hard road for God easily, easily trumps the path of being a great theologian or preacher in a church. Walking the hard road for God with zeal and joy attracts God's grace like a magnet, and this grace greatly accelerates that person's spiritual evolution. {For that reason Paul said, "Where I am weak He is strong, therefore I rejoice in my weaknesses"}

To find a person from any faith who imbibes a high degree of Christlikeness is rare. In order to attain this topmost spiritual platform one has to die a thousand deaths. Not merely read about it,  but for the love of God actually become a partaker of that hot fire! Full-time street ministry provides that necessary hot fire!!!

Nowadays,  so many Jewish people grow up heavily conditioned to automatically reject everything Christian (due to their reaction of enduring over a thousand years of anti-semitism promoted by the Catholic Church). Thus,  the Almighty  cuts them lots of slack here (see chapter 5).

Since the Jews are so blocked in this way, God the Father sent the Jewish people a type of savior that they should have been able to accept; a modern-day King David type of fellow - that was Rabbi Kahane. Sadly, so few Jews followed him.

God working closely through a non-Christian reveals a startling false-interpretation of this famous proclamation of Christ by mainstream Christendom:
"I am the way the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father, but through Me".
I will use the example of Rabbi Kahane to prove that Christendom has misinterpreted this famous proclamation of Christ (I can prove this other ways as well).

Also, through reading this next section of the essay you will learn the things most important to the heart of our Eternal Father - things that you have probably never heard preached over any pulpit (I'm sure you've heard many very good things preached, but I'm referring to what is most important!)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rabbi Kahane -  Why did God anoint him - HIS MAIN MAN???

Through the use of scriptures and common sense I will reveal the reasons that God chose to work in a mighty way through Rabbi Kahane - a man who didn't even believe in the divinity of Jesus. Through doing so I will be revealing God's heart; the things that He (God) considers most important!

The Prophet Isaiah said, speaking of the time of the Messiah (Isaiah 11:6) - "The lion will lay down with the lamb. . . and a little child will lead them". This is a parable that was never interpreted in the Bible. In this paper I will reveal to you the hidden meaning of this parable of Isaiah as God has revealed it to me. Plus, I will reveal other extremely important things. SO KEEP READING!!!

First let me say that since I was raised a member of a minority group (Jews) who have been persecuted for centuries by people professing to be Christians, I entered my adulthood with lots of 'spiritual baggage' that members of the majority group may have a hard time understanding, but its essential that you understand, so please receive this - When I was a young child my mother at times would angrily point to all the horrible things that had been done over the centuries to our people in the name of Jesus, or in so called 'Christian nations' (pogroms, inquisition, crusades, holocaust, etc.) Then, she would point to Jesus and angrily blame all those terrible events on Him while drilling into my impressionable young mind, "These terrible things have befallen our people and its all his fault!"           
I'm telling you this because I am not alone with an upbringing such as this one; countless other Jews are in the same boat.  Also, a great many Native Americans, Muslims, and some black people are also brought up under similar conditions, with similar spiritual baggage.

On account of Jesus being terribly misrepresented to certain minority people like myself, Rabbi Kahane, plus so many others, on account of our childhood upbringing we have stopped our ears to receiving the gospels. God gives people such as ourselves a tremendous amount of mercy for the sin of rejecting Christ. The Bible states -  “God is perfectly Fair and Just – all the angels attest to this fact”; God is the Righteous Judge. He judges each person on an individual basis, taking all factors into account.

Please think on this. . . issues such as this were never addressed in the Bible because at the time that the New Testament was written Christianity was in its embrionic stage and for a long time they were the persecuted minority!

Again, because of centuries of anti-semetism instigated by the Catholic Church countless Jews world-wide have been raised generation-after generation to stop their ears to the gospels. Thus, the Almighty through His compassion and boundless love for them sent them another type of Savior; one who should have been easy for them to accept (sadly a very small percentage followed him). God sent them a holy-man / warrior; a man like King David!

Christians say that God looks at the heart. I want to add to that that He does look at the heart, but not only for Christians, but for the entire human race! Moreover, the promises Jesus makes on the 'sermon on the mount' are not just for Christians alone, but for anyone who does the deeds.

Now I going to say something else very controversial. In this paper I will  prove the truth of this charge: In Christendom's zeal to glorify Jesus they have manipulated, reinterpreted, and thus taken out of context certain portions of the original Hebrew Bible in order to dovetail all of God's mercies into the blood of Jesus. These misinterpretations has been passed down from Bible study to Bible study until it has become doctrine!
Receive this: The blood of Jesus is a big slice of God's mercy pie, but its not the entire pie!
In this essay I will prove the truth of this statement using scripture passages and good ole common sense!

This skewing of God's Word has had this negative effect - it has blinded God's people to the Almighty's other mercies! The truth is that the blood of Jesus is God's greatest gift to humanity, but the Lord has other avenues for people to obtain redemption for their sins. Many of these other ways are spoken of in the Bible itself. I will be speaking of these other mercies very soon, so please keep reading. . .

For the present allow me to give you but one example of a perversion of the Word of God: In the book of Daniel recall the famous story of the three Jewish boys thrown into the fiery furnace by King Nebacanezzar because they refused to bow down to a golden image? The Hebrew Bible states that in the furnace with the boys was an angel of God; the Christian Bible states that in there with them was a Being that looked like the Son of God. The use of good ole common sense tells us the truth - there was some radiant divine being in the fire with those Jewish boys! Of course, how could King Nebacanezzar or anyone else even think that that radiant divine being was the Son of God as this event was hundreds of years before the earthly life of Christ, so at that ancient time no-one yet knew that the Almighty even had a son!
Getting back to Kahane - Since my youth I had heard over the Jewish community grapevine of the brave exploits of this Rabbi. He founded the Jewish defense league - an organization which combated anti-Semitism not in courts of law, but with fists in the streets. Years later when he emigrated to Israel, it was common knowledge that he would commit such brazen acts of holy-boldness as traveling to the Israeli Arab villages alone, and hand out flyers to the Arabs stating that God gave that land to the Jews, thus the Jews were the only rightful owners, not them. Therefore, for them to be allowed to remain in Israel they must sign a loyalty pledge of allegiance to the state of Israel. Among those who signed, a certain maximum number established by the government, would be allowed to remain in Israel. {Me: That is reasonable considering the history of violent confrontations perpetrated by the Arab non-owners). His plan (which is God's plan of action for the Hebrews) was that only those Arabs who signed this loyalty pledge would be allowed to remain in Israel. They would keep their personal rights, but lose their voting rights. All those who refused to sign this loyalty pledge would be forced out of the country.

Back then, even though I was a heathen I admired Kahane for his uncommon courage. I didn't know anything else about his life.

Anyway, five years after his assassination  (1996), I was visiting my parent's home. During that visit I got into a spiritual discussion with my father. My father then blurted out something like, "Jesus is not the Messiah, because it says in the Bible that in that day 'the lion will lay down with the lamb', and that has not yet occurred as anyone can see." I knew that Jesus was the Messiah, yet I hadn't an immediate response to that objection that my father had posed to me.

Immediately, after our conversation I walked into his kitchen. On the kitchen table there happened to be a book commemorating the life of Rabbi Kahane (the 5 year memorial of his death). As I picked up the book and began reading, it spoke of his innumerable acts of kindness / charity he showed towards the least fortunate ("least of them").  As I was marveling at this man’s profound humility a divine light illumined my mind. In the 'twinkling of an eye' the Lord enlightened me: That Bible verse out of Isaiah, "The lion shall lay down with the lamb. . . and a little child will lead them" -  was speaking of a man just like Rabbi Kahane!

*Here is the interpretation that the Lord gave me of that parable:
"If a person develops within himself the virtues of both the 'great humility of a lamb' coupled with the 'great courage of a lion'. . . since one virtue is lowly (humility) and other virtue is exalted (courage) this holy combination has the effect to stretch one’s temple so that the temple can receive and hold an excess of holy light. This holy light burns out the darkness within - thereby that person returns to a state of purity / innocence (Notice: not merely a ‘child’ will lead them, but a 'little child'.  Why a little child? Because only a little child is still innocent!)
This parable is a sacred formula on how to attain a high level of sanctity, fast-track!

For example, another man who attained this purity fast-track was John-the-Baptist. John attained his purity through another fast-track means; Asceticism (he subsisted off almost no material food). Asceticism is a way to kill one's flesh  so all the evil within dies.

>Please, put the time aside now to ponder the significance of what has been said, and the conclusions that are drawn.

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