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John-the-Baptist! - part 3
Note: Jesus said, "I give you power to become sons of God", He never said that you automatically transformed into this exalted image the moment that you said the sinner's prayer! Becoming a son of God is to attain your full spiritual potential. Sadly, hardly a soul attains their spiritual potential!

Kahane is an example of a rare soul who had actually attained his full spiritual potential! He became a holy-man, obviously not because of the perfectness of his theology, but rather because he was humble and full of mercy towards the hurting  plus he walked a very hard road for God. The hard road he walked drew to himself God’s extra measure of grace.  I've personally experienced that God will rain this extra measure of grace on anyone  who walks the hard road for Him. As the Bible states - God is 'no-respector-of-persons'.  The Almighty rewards those who pay a greater price for their faith with greatly accelerated spiritual growth.

Kahane developed within himself especially the virtue of great humility coupled with great courage (the magical combination!)
Since he became a pure vessel, he was mightily used of God as we can see!

Use your common sense - God picked Kahane because evidently this man impressed Him. For a non-Christian to attain a high degree of Christlikeness, evidently its more important to God the Father than one who professes Jesus but who doesn't have the goods. God picking Kahane to be His 'Chosen Vessel' is proof of the correctness of my theology.

*In other words, there is only one essential portion of the equation,
"I am the way the truth, and the life, no-one comes to the Father but through Me". That crucial part is to become Christlike; becoming a man who has the character of Jesus. One does not have to be a Christian! The Almighty will honor a non-Christian who attains that platform as I have just proven!
(Kahane is probably the only man I will ever raise from the dead
-I will figuratively do this by making this essay famous!)

Also, since we know Kahane's theology was not entirely correct this is proof that one's beliefs are minor compared to the importance of living a life of obedience to the voice of God, and walking the hard road for Him.  The walking of the hard road for God is the holiest walk; the fast-track to glory!

*Sacrificing and /or suffering for God's sake plus developing virtues is of far greater value to God than performing only praise & worship, engaging in Bible studies, and having a perfect theology.

Gandhi, whom was called by some  'the most Christlike man of the past century' stated, “Imitation is the greatest flattery”. Since this statement comes from the lips of such a man, common sense dictates that if Jesus was here in the flesh that He would concur - Imitation is the greatest flattery!
(St Francis of Assisi, an apostle from 800 years ago, understood this essential spiritual component. That is the reason that he became [as his biographers write] 'The most perfect imitator of Christ that the world as ever seen!')

If a non-Christian attains a high degree of Christlikeness God will place His stamp of approval on that man as there is no easy or cheap way to die to self and to become a man of great virtue. Jesus knew the Father intimately because He was one with Him. All those who attain a high degree of Christlikeness know God in this very same, intimate way. My friend, attaining a high degree of Christlikeness (as far as a mere mortal can) is to attain the topmost spiritual platform!

The holiest group of men since the Apostolic era were the early Franciscan-Christians (Suggested reading: "The Little Flowers of St. Francis" by Raphael Brown)
Their form of Christianity was to live in extreme poverty and work on developing virtues (humility, compassion, courage, obedience, patience, etc.). This was an integral part of their concept of making Jesus the Lord of their life. This is such a simple concept even a child can understand it! By understanding this simple spiritual principal we come to understand what God really wants from us:
The Almighty desires all to become noble human beings; developing virtues and becoming fruitful in good works. For that same reason as Mother Teresa spiritually evolved and became closer to God she made the following statement
(a viewpoint she obviously did not learn from the Catholic Church): "I'm not trying to convert others to my religion,
but rather trying to make them into human beings."
Mother Teresa attained an exalted spiritual state where one knows the truth without the need of scriptures anymore because when one dies to self and dissolves their heart into the heart of the Almighty one automatically starts seeing the world through God's eyes!

As we become noble human beings; like King David (he had a heart after God) or like the Good Samaritan, our inner man automatically takes on a form like Jesus.

The early-Franciscans were living the true Christianity which has sadly been replaced by lots of head knowledge (people who live in ease/ comfort, study and discuss too much, and get their hands dirty practicing their faith far too little). When Paul said study he didn't mean to study, study, study, and study - and do only a sparse amount of good works! Just look at Paul's life  -  wasn't he full of good works and suffering for the faith? Didn't he also say,"Follow me as I follow Christ?"

Additionally, St. Francis of Assisi - the founder of the Franciscan Order, one of the greatest Christians of all time, stated:
"Christ preferred action above teaching!"
Christ insists that I repeat this phrase:
"Christ preferred action above teaching!’', and again
"Christ preferred action above teaching!!!"
*Action above teaching is the true spirituality!!*

(You may counter that what St. Francis said isn't  in the Bible. But if you were to study his life you would learn that this fellow had so much grace in prayer that people used to follow him and spy on him when he went on his nightly forays into the woods to pray in solitude. On a number of occasions Christ was seen fellowshipping with this fellow! So, my common sense tells me that Francis knows the heart of Jesus just as well as the original Apostles, if not more so!)
On an entirely different note most Christians might ask me: “Isn't the blood of Jesus the only way to atone for sins?"
After all, it says in Hebrews 9:22 - "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins."
My response: Everything that Christ said is 100% truth as He was God in the flesh - He is the standard-bearer. The rest of us, even spiritual greats such as Paul, are capable of making mistakes (if in fact he  even made that statement to begin with!). Because this purported statement of Paul is false doctrine - it is contrary to Jewish teachings on atonement.

According to Jewish teachings there was always three different ways to make atonement:
1 - the sin sacrifice (blood)
2 - repentance
3 - charity.

Because of the different options that the Lord has given to Jewish sinners to atone modern day Judaism has never found the necessity to reinstate animal sacrifices. Rather, performing mitzvahs (good deeds) has become the central focus of modern-day Judaism.
{Didn't Jesus Himself proclaim, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy?"}
(If you desire to learn more in-depth knowledge on the atonement for sin subject: www.outreachjudaism.org/response.html
*Crucial: Make certain that you read the portion on  'Sin and Atonement'

By skewing God’s Word Christendom has inadvertently committed a terrible heresy! We have covered over and buried for dead other mercies of God the Father (other than the blood). The Lord desires me spend some time raising these other mercies of God from the dead in order to show God's people God's larger providence - the entire  truth.

If you investigate you will find that the blood atonement is the only purely gratuitous way (free gift) to atone for sins. To atone without having the mercy of the blood the sinner has to do something, other than merely believing.
{Didn’t Jesus Himself say, “I’ve come for the sick, the well don’t need a doctor?”}. Me: The well do penance for their sins. Only if we fail in making the grade through our penance ought we offer up the blood as a recompense.

The following are Biblically authorized forms of penance:

1 PETER 4:8 - "Above all things have fervent charity among yourselves; for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

JAMES 5:20- " Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his ways will save him from death, and coverith a multitude of sins"

Additionally, Jesus stated the following in the beatitudes:
1- "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"
2- "Blessed are those who suffer for righteousness sake for theirs is 
     the kingdom of heaven"
3-  "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"

Additionally, in the old testament the evil, pagan king of Babylon, Nebecunezzar, got saved by eating grass like the oxen.
(Recall what kind of person he was before he did his penance.  Then, by doing that penance, fasting on the bitter juice of grass for a number of months, he killed his flesh. Just as the mythical Phoenix raises from the ashes, his performing of this extreme penance completely destroyed his evil flesh. Then the Lord raised up a new man of God out of his old ashes. Nebecunezzar was completely transformed without the use of either the blood atonement nor book knowledge, but through the killing of his flesh!)
Thus the Bible itself is educating us to the fact that the shedding of blood is not the only way for us to be cleansed from our sins!

Additionally, Christ never said one had to be a Christian to get blessed by practicing the spiritual principals that He taught.
Contrary to what Christendom teaches -  anyone who practices spiritual principals with pure motives will receive the promised blessings.

On another note, a number of years ago while street preaching the Lord revealed to me an important truth through the parable of the Good Samaritan; another truth that is not taught in Bible studies, but ought to be: As we know the Master spoke highly of the Good Samaritan and proclaimed to the crowd - "BE LIKE HIM!". Use your common sense,
obviously if Jesus is extolling this fellow he is a 'saved man!' I'm sure that you will agree that all that we know about this fellow is that he would sidetrack his day and if necessary give the shirt off his back to anyone in serious need. We don't know anything about his spiritual beliefs, only his holy deeds. Perhaps he is an agnostic or even an atheist- yet we know that he is a saved man!!!
This parable is further proof that in God's eyes holy-actions count far more that beliefs alone - and again, contrary to what evangelicals believe, holy deeds can get one into heaven! 

The Lord gave me another way, a simple way,  to prove the truth of my spiritual theology concerning the superiority of doing penance, and the superiority of walking the hard road for God, and the truth about the Almighty accepting Christlikeness separate from the personage of Jesus, for salvation for people of other faiths.

Herein is that proof: There is a certain miracle that the Lord has manifested on some of His topmost servants that have occurred after the writing of the gospels. This divine manifestation is called - ‘Incorruptibility’.  When a person dies their body does not decay (at least for a very long time).

This incorruptible body  is an avenue that the Lord takes to glorify some of His most cherished servants. In a simple common sense way He singles out  these servants, showing fallen humanity that those ones are worthy of being role models for the rest of us.

If you look up the following web site: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incorruptibility, you will find that the Almighty has performed the miracle of an incorruptible body on both Christian Saints and Eastern Mystics. The Almighty has manifested this same miracle on the bodies of the Indian holy-men because they have developed a high degree of Christlikeness of course! 
{as far as mere mortals can have}
The Almighty taught me how to explain the sacnity of the Eastern Mystics to Christians, please listen: In India there is an ancient tradition of men renouncing their worldly ties, giving up houses and possessions, in order to live a life of austerity and spiritual practice. These men are called 'Sadhus.' For example, today there are 4 to 5 million Sadhus living in India.
{The Sanskrit word Sadhu translated into English means - 'All good'}

What I am going to say next is common sense: God doesn't turn away anyone who diligently seeks Him. Out of so great a multitude of men giving up the world and focusing entirely on spiritual practice its a statistical fact that at least some of them will make a great impression on the Lord {2Chronicles16:9 - "The eyes of the Lord run to and from throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of them whose heart is perfect towards Him"}

When the Lord has found such a man He does a mighty work through that man. Then, upon bodily death this holy man has the power to transmit his enlightenment to one other if there is one found worthy. This is the same Biblical principal called 'Apostolic succession' {For example: Abraham  passed his blessing onto Isaac, who in turn passed it onto Jacob. Elijah passed on his spiritual anointing to Elisha}
Just because Jesus was born doesn't mean that the Indians ought to end their ancient sacred process of creating holy men. If something is working fine, why change it?

To prove my theology, hear this: The Christian Americans won our independence from the British through a violent revolution. On the other hand, God did a special work through Gandhi and the largely Hindu Indians. Under the leadership of the Christlike Gandhi, the Indians followed the spiritual law - 'love thy enemy'  and humbled the English empire and won their independence!
Which nation do you suppose pleased Jesus the most; America or India?

Also, recall when Jesus was a newborn wise men from the east bearing gifts traveled to see him? By this happening the Almighty is hinting to us that holy things were afoot in the east in those ancient days.

Please put the time aside now to ponder what you have just learned.

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