One might ask, "If Kahane is so Christlike how come he is a man of war?"  My answer is that the Muslim Arabs are an anger-addicted people and far more ruthless than the English ever were.
Thus, Kahane is taking the route that the Almighty is calling him to take. To quote Kahane, "I've made myself into a monster so the arabs would fear me."

Now, you might say, "Why then be a Christian?"
Well, a Christian has access to the blood atonement and Jesus as a mediator for those He calls His sheep.

Now, I will prove my point of the spiritual supremacy of the path of doing penance for sins as compared to offering up the blood of Jesus for everything (as what is almost universally taught nowadays): There was a certain Christian Saint who lived 800 years ago, his name was St Anthony of Padua. St Anthony was a companion of St Francis of Assisi (St Francis called this man his Bishop)

St. Anthony was a well-known preacher in his day.
In St Anthony case only his tongue is incorruptible (and it still is!)
(Google: St. Anthony's tongue and read all about it!)
Why do you suppose God performed this miracle to only his tongue?
Common sense leads us to believe the Almighty looked into the future and saw that there would be so-many different views of what are the most important aspects of the Christian walk and He wanted to endorse St Anthony's viewpoint. Additionally, St Francis was the first mortal who the Almighty imprinted with the holy stigmata (the 5 sacred wounds of Christ). Obviously, the Lord  wanted to single-out in the strongest possible terms  the theology of the early Franciscans Friars above all other Christian theologies, because they taught and lived the highest form of Christianity (Note: I'm not exalting the path of the friars of today, only the early ones)

Friend, St Anthony and all the early Franciscans went village to village preaching the theology of the spiritual supremacy of doing penance for one’s sins.  Doing penance is atonement that is separate from the blood - it is a higher but for obvious reasons a harder path to walk.
Therefore, it is not what people want to hear. Therefore, if you preach it the pews become empty and so do the collection plates.
Therefore, even the Catholics don't preach it anymore.

Additionally, Gandhi and Kahane, two modern day spiritual giants, were spiritual street activists who both walked a very hard road for God. It appears that walking a hard path for God's sake is the preferred path that the Lord  wants us to take.
Therefore, I will proclaim with the enthusiasm of the Crocodile Hunter -Spiritual Street Activists Rock!!!

Additionally,  Jesus Himself was clear about the glory of walking the hard road for God: Read what He said: Matt 20-23 - "Then the mother of Zebedee's sons came to Jesus with her sons and, kneeling down, asked Him a favor. What do you want? He asked.
She said, Grant that one of these two sons of mine will sit at your right and the other at your left in Your kingdom.
You don't know what you are asking, He said to them.
Next Jesus asked them, "Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink? Will you be baptized by My baptism?"
*Christ was clear here about the supremacy of the path of paying a big price for one's faith.  Not necessarily being a good debater or a theologian, but rather paying a big price in your walk with the Lord!
Paying that big price is Supreme! The amazing anointing of modern day spiritual greats like Kahane, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa all point to this fact as well as the very words of the Master!
Please put the time aside now to ponder what you have just learned.

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