I hope that you have learned much through this essay. The Almighty  intents to do a 'NEW THING'. Following God's instructions I have to first smash all that is false (from all faiths), because God intends to build His new church on PURE TRUTH.
(Jesus is the Truth, but as I have just proven some of what He taught has been misunderstood by the mainstream. It's absolutely essential that we correct all misinterpretations because a mega-massive move of the Holy Spirit is anxiously waiting to be birthed!)
Therefore first we must topple the falsehoods from all religions (starting with our own; Christianity). Next, extract out all the good things which remains (what is true), and from all religions. Finally, place all this sacred wisdom on the table for everyone to examine and learn from - because all TRUTH comes from Above and attests to the  mercies of our glorious Father in Heaven. 
By encouraging believers to be open to divine wisdom coming from different religions we destroy all barriers to holiness that religion has artificially created. {I was chosen by God to separate truths from dogma in religion because of the priceless things I was taught when I was dead in body and with God - see chapter 5}
*Don’t fret that the devil took out the modern day John-the-Baptist, because our Lord has raised up another Prophet and He has devised a totally different sacred blue-print to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ! This new blue-print is a Christ-centered one - but it also honors universal truths. What more, we are wide open to Muslims and others joining us to serve God under the banner of truth, not under the banner of religion! This is more than a pipe dream as Muslims honor Jesus as a great Prophet. Therefore, we have common ground!

This new-way involves raising up on the global stage  a great multitude of LIVING MARTYRS; street evangelists who walk the hard road via street ministry, people who are Christ-centered, but we have the eyes to see truth as Peter possessed, and Jesus extolled.  We are people of great virtue; especially imbibing the humility of a lamb, and the courage of a lion! Thus, this new sacred blue-print is the fulfillment of that Isaiah Prophecy. Additionally, it is the fulfillment of this other prophecy:
Dan 2:44 - "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but is shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever." - This kingdom is based on pure truth, untainted by the bias of any religion.

Servant of God and the sincere,
Daniel Rosenblit: 
E-mail: lovetruth2005@hotmail.com
PS > We Living Martyrs work hard at developing virtues, especially these two; humility and courage. Again, there are a great many humble believers, and some very brave servants, but there aren't that many believers who shine in both of these virtues! That is the type of balanced street minister that the Lord desires us to create in our people. 
Hiding behind the virtue of humility can be lurking the ungodly heart of a coward, and behind an admirable courageous front is too often someone who is puffed-up (pride). Therefore we work hard at developing both of these virtues. Therefore by imbibing the wonderful virtues of humility and courage we also destroy our own inner demons; demons of either cowardice or pride! This humility coupled with courage is the sacred balance that the Lord desires for all our Living Martyrs. Having this inner balance will ensure our long-term success. Since, it's a real danger for people who regularly walk the hard road well to develop swelled heads, we have a unique way to stop this problem from occurring; its the required practice of enduring required public-humiliations (these are some of the unique spiritual practices of the early Franciscans.  Also, I've walked this unusual path and personally experienced  its great spiritual power to crush one's ego, thereby killing the sin nature - fassst!).
For the sake of this most sacred spiritual revival project the Almighty wants me to reveal a mystery of the gospels that He taught me through walking in the footsteps of the early Franciscans: If one lives a life of humble service for many years, this humble lifestyle gradually makes the soul humble, pure, and innocent. The good that takes many years of performing humble selfless service to accomplish for the soul, through a lifestyle including lots of public- humiliations this can be accomplished in but a handful of months! In other words, practicing public-humiliations is the fast-track to attain humility - with all its priceless spiritual benefits! Why is this so?? Because humiliation is far lower than humility! For example, if one athlete pushes himself harder in workouts that athlete will get stronger lots faster than one who doesn't  push himself. For this same reason practicing public-humiliations is a far more powerful sanctification tool than is practicing humility (for more indepth wisdom on this subject please read chapter 2.3).
Lest we forget the cross of Christ was not only suffering, but was also humiliation as well. People such as St. Paul suffered greatly for the cross.  Obviously, his walk  develops the virtue of courage. Some of the early Franciscans-Christians suffered for God in another, less well-known way. They made themselves look despicable in order to get mocked in public! Public-humiliations is one of the main reasons that the early Franciscan Friars attained the sanctity of the original apostles!
Therefore, our Living Martyr candidates will be required to submit to performing public-humiliations just like they did! 
(A proud man or a devil will never willingly allow himself to be made into a laughing stock. This is a way that we will 'out' the proud devils from joining us!).
For the sake of this sacred project we will devise a street based spiritual obstacle course that all our Living Martyr Candidates must endure.  Thru walking this spiritual obstacle course it  will develop the virtue of Courage plus develop the virtue of Humility fassst through enduring Public-Humiliations! 
(If you read chapter 2.2 and chapter 2.3 you will see that I've personally walked both of these sacred paths - thus I am qualified to create the spiritual obstacle course)
Thus, through partaking in this spiritual obstacle course we will develop these sacred qualities within masses of believers. We will, in cookie-cutter fashion, create holy-men like Kahane - a man who, for a mere mortal, possessed a high degree of Christlikeness!  
That’s God's plan - to create a great  multitude of holy-men / Living Martyrs on the world stage. Holy-men who are followers of love and truth and who suffer for these lofty principals - not followers of religion!

Chapter  6  Why Me? 
Chapter 2.3The Fool-for-God

Daniel Rosenblit 
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Daniel Rosenblit

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