The clearest writing down & editing of this testimony is still under construction!!! Therefore, please don't read yet.  .   .

(What I want to say up front is that at the time of my death experience in  1978 I was not a good person. At that time in my young life I was an ignorant and selfish person. The Lord's reasoning for choosing me out of all dead people, to not only give me another chance to live again, but to truly enlighten me, I can only assume.  But, I am exceedingly glad that He chose to show mercy towards me, because I was a sinner destined to hell. I pray that this second time around I prove myself worthy of His added investment in me (Bible states, "To much has been given, much will be expected")
And whether we like it or not life is not about getting saved and then becoming complacent, rather its about having that spiritual awakening and then spending your life being faithful to God in all things, becoming a disciple)

For a man who desires to understand the truth about God's providence in addition to reading the Bible its important to learn of more recent exchanges between the Almighty and His Chosen Vessels.
I am blessed to be one of those Chosen Vessels.

Two thousand years ago the apostles had the rare blessing of being tutored not by a holy-man or prophet, but by the son of God. In the year of 1978 I died, and when I was on the other side I received a similar rare blessing; I was tutored by God the Father. Two of the main illuminations that you will learn from my death account is the Almighty's view on the various monotheistic faiths that we have with us today, and the enormous spiritual power of performing good works. 

Since the time period that the Bible was written the spiritual landscape has changed, and in this way: At the time of the ancient Hebrews, the Jews were mainly surrounded by pagan nations.  All those ancient pagan religions of their day disappeared centuries ago because they were based on false-gods who hadn't the power to answer anyone's prayers, who hadn't the power to free anyone from the bondage of sin.

What the Almighty revealed to me in my divine encounter is that all the monotheistic religions that we have with us have been around from several hundred to a thousand years or more (have survived the test of time) because there is some truth to them. Walking these paths has blessed their devotees. The reason is because God has a hand in all of them. Know, wherever the Almighty is involved - mercy is there! 
I'm not saying that all these spiritual paths are equivalent in light, or that everything that they teach is true. Religions have truths mixed together with either misinterpretations or downright lies.

This is the only authorized version of my Judgment Day Experience
(all earlier versions had a serious lack of proper editing)

Greetings to all! My name is Ira Rosenblit. In my younger days prior to my death experience I would ridicule people who were zealous in religions that were foreign to my own; my own being Jewish.  
(Back then, its not like I was a religious person either!). 
Actually, I believed nearly all religious people were weak-minded fools, and that religion was their crutch to deal with life. That is merely one portion of the very great deception I was living under at that time.

But all that changed in 1978 when, after weeks of failing health I died and had a most powerful encounter with the Eternal One. While physically dead, I was shown truth for the first time - truth being God's perspective on the way all humans are meant to live. During that entire blessed experience I had the rare blessing to be Tutored by God Himself!
The Almighty mostly taught me what the Bible calls -  'The Spirit of the Law.'  As the Good Book states - 'The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.'Evidently, following the spirit of the law is mainly what the Almighty is desires from His children. 

I returned from bodily death and the Almighty's private tutoring session and was given this Calling: Most importantly to first practice the holy way that I was taught. Only as I was in the process of practicing this holy way, would the Lord permit me to share with others what constitutes true religion 
(what God taught me thru this divine encounter).
(If one doesn't practice what they preach that is hypocrisy, and hypocrisy 
is as a vile stench before our righteous Creator.) 

Today more than ever, Bible believing Christians need to learn how to follow the 'Spirit of the Law' rather than only being disciples of the 
'Letter of the Law' (as most unknowingly are!).

The Lord led me to write down my experience. Throughout my entire testimony I purposely heavily peppered it with scripture verses in order to prove to all that this entire visionary experience with God was authentic.Therefore, since I will prove that I was an eyewitness to the TRUTH, as were the original apostles, my testimony ought to be worthy of being considered a sacred teaching. Doesn't that make perfect sense?

*Important: Every portion of my death account conforms faithfully with the teachings of Christ (Though, you will find some of my interpretations differ from the interpretations of mainstream Christendom)

Especially important is that my death account proves:

1- Christendom's misinterpretations of 'some' important teachings of Christ. 2- The spiritual validity of other monotheistic faiths 
3- The priceless spiritual value of performing good works. 

Bible - "He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant - not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter killith, but the Spirit givith life."

Without realizing it the overwhelming majority of Christians are disciples of the 'Letter of the law', with relatively few even understanding what it means to be followers of the 'Spirit of the Law'. 
In my Judgement Day  Experience (JDE) the Lord mainly taught me the crucial - 'Spirit of the Law'. For that reason alone the wisdom in this manuscript will be a priceless blessings to the entire Church!  But, there are more goodies in this testimony than that alone!

A huge pitfall that Christianity has thusfar encountered is that the apostles who wrote the scriptures hadn't the benefit of computers, as we have today, through which they could have emphasized the most important aspects of the faith through the use of different sized fonts, highlighting, etc. If they had had this grace as we have today, I'm convinced Christianity wouldn't have become so watered down as it has become! For example, most believers put a far greater emphasis on the Bible verses which bring them comfort, and make them feel that their seat in heaven is assured. Most believers tend to skip over verses which make us feel uncomfortable; that our salvation can be lost.
The following are examples of crucial statements of Christ that make most believers' tremble - these passages have been given a back seat in favor of passages that are far easier on the ears, such as John 3:16: 
1- "If you don't do the will of the Father I will know you not"
2-  "Those who save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake 
    will save it" 

(What the Almighty told me about John3:16 is that many folks have taken this piece of divine mercy out of content. God has given it for the benefit of the penitent; to give them hope. Its only meant to be the first rung of the spiritual ladder. For those who cling to this one verse and disregard the believers' obligations to God, upon death these ones will be in trouble with their Maker! 
God will not bless a cheater. There is no cheap way to heaven. there is no alternative to us becoming a disciple; walking the 'Straight and Narrow!')

Since we emphasize the pleasant passages and ignore the unpleasant ones we have inadvertently created a watered down version of the  gospels!
Actually, we have committed a similar sin that the Pharisees did in the day of Jesus! Here is how: Recall that the Pharisees believed that they were saved merely because they were descendants from the blood-line of Abraham. 
Since Jesus loved the people He told them the hard truth; that salvation wasn't an automatic thing, and informed them that they were hell-bound. He irritated most of the his brethren (the Jews) and they cried out to have Him crucified (silenced forever). Isn't this what happened? Actually,  through my testimony it will be pointing to the same truth - but to modern-day Christians! And when burst people's salvation fantasy, you make enemies.
If one sees the world from God's viewpoint (the big picture; from heaven looking down), the mess we perceive from our limited human perspective, is not really a mess at all ... It is perfection! (As you continue reading you also will be given the glimpse I was given from heaven looking down!)

Through right thinking coupled with right action you can radically change your destiny for the better! The forthcoming information will show anyone  how to become more spiritual and less religious. It will show you how to make your earthly life more rewarding, and show anyone how to become blessed ... forever!
Note: To fully comprehend what I was taught in my death account this experience must be read from beginning to end (without skipping around).
Additionally, to this death account I have added wisdom that I felt the Lord wanted me to add (some of this wisdom is divine truth, and some is my opinion - 'might' not be truth. Note: If its my opinion I have said so.)
It was the year of 1997, and books on near death experiences had become extremely popular. I thought to myself, "Perhaps I ought to write down my own personal testimony. Surely, no-one's death account could be more enlightening than was mine - as during it I was tutored by God for an entire afternoon!
Back in 1997 I still remembered most of the details of that divine encounter.

On account of the following miracle I knew it was God's will that I should write down the details of my death account: "After considering writing the book  I recalled an old friend of mine who had edited and published a book. I hadn't seen or heard from this fellow for over six years. Then I forgot about the idea. Then the next day, to my great surprise this old friend telephoned me! I took that as an omen that I needed to write the book."
Through my death experience the Almighty totally transformed my life. He graciously revealed to me my sins, allowed me the space to repent, then He graciously forgave me! Next, He revealed to me the divine purpose of human life. The divine purpose of human life is to live as a bondservant servant of God, and to strive to do the right thing in all circumstances (seeking the Kingdom of heaven first); through doing this we come to develop a good relationship with our Maker. 

Through this experience the Almighty taught me the art of making one's life holy; living a selfless life before God. Living a holy life is the prerequisite to living a life in fellowship with Him. Making one's life holy is a prerequisite to a person attaining the kingdom of Heaven - that is the way that we begin the holy process of  'losing our life for His sake' 
{Jesus stated, "Those who save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake will save it"}
One can even attain heaven prior to bodily death!
>This attaining heaven before bodily death is the true meaning of becoming a Saint. Additionally, the Almighty taught me many other wonderful things during this encounter, so stay keep reading. . . 
Most importantly of all, as you read my death account the wisdom revealed through it will teach anyone how to master the 'Art of Living'.
Again, living a spiritual lifestyle is of paramount importance to all who wish to be desire to please God.
I was shown that we are not on earth by accident or by chance, and that there is a higher, divine purpose for all our lives which most of us are completely unaware.
Sadly, most people are unaware of this their entire lives!
Only disciples find this higher purpose.

Hopefully, the Divine light that God shined on my life will also shine on yours as you read my testimony. I sincerely hope that my death experience will be -  
"A Lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path " - as it was for me!

In 1978, while in college, I had a death experience. It was not a near-death experience, but a death experience. Fortunately, I was given another chance by God to live my life properly . . . in the spirit of love and truth. . . in the light!
The Beginning

(The information below will make the important spiritual aspects of my death experience far more understandable, so please take the time to thoroughly read this 'boring' segment of the manuscript)

I grew up in a Jewish home. My family observed the Jewish holidays, but they did this for tradition's sake, rather than for the love of God. Through the innocent eyes of youth, these practices appeared empty and lifeless. As a young child my parents taught me that we were the chosen-people of God. But through the objective eyes of innocence I didn't see my father acting nobly, as I intuitively knew that a chosen-one ought to act. On the contrary, I observed my father's preoccupation with chasing the buck, and it looked grotesque to me; like a dog panting for table scraps. Through the eyes of innocence it appeared he was acting insane!  This contradiction I was witnessing was bewildered me.
(I was seeing sin for what it is!)

When I became old enough to attend Hebrew school I was at first elated because I felt that I was going to learn about God. But to my dismay all I was being taught was Jewish customs and love for our heritage. Because the spiritual side I was born with was not affirmed by anyone, at this point it died in me. 
(Public school curriculum further buried it!)

(If I had contracted some physical disease my parents would have rushed me to the hospital, but my spiritual disease went totally undetected. How many children do you supposed die within like I did, and for the same reasons?)

In Synagogue I observed that most of the people who regularly attended religious services were old men. I surmised that they were merely afraid of death, so that it was just a fear-based, self-interest trip for them. I saw that the few young people who were religiously observant were the unpopular kids (those who did not fit in anywhere else). None of the popular kids went to Synagogue unless their parents forced them.

*Note: This was my young Jewish experience, I'm quite sure this doesn't mirror the experience of all Jewish children in America, but I'm quite sure it mirrors many.

After my spiritual self died, I was neither interested in God, nor concerned about spiritual matters at all. As I grew older it appeared to me that religious people were weak and used religion as their crutch. I considered myself to be a strong, self-reliant person who did not need any crutch, so I felt quite superior to them. When I hit puberty, the hormonal storm,  took me by total surprise - sadly my father did not warn me as a good father ought! At this time, I became a purely carnal creature. Pretty girls and squeezing all the gusto out of life (as the beer commercials used to tout) became everything to me.
(*During my death account the Lord revealed to me that much of the innocence that us guys are born with is destroyed during the time of puberty, when we felt weI had to be cool / proud in order to win the affections of the ladies)
I was the type of person who was successful in everything that I did. I was a good student and an excellent athlete - as a wrestler and football player. Though I was short in stature (5' 6"), I won awards as a wrestler, and I was an exceptional running back in football. God blessed me with being an excellent football player, and many of my classmates admired me for this. But, since I was a godless person, I didn't acknowledge His hand in my skills. 
Therefore, I was becoming puffed-up with pride.
{Bible - The Lord states, "No man shall rob My glory."}

I considered my friends and myself to be upper crust people. I looked down with contempt on the following types of people in school: People who were physically weak, ugly and fat girls, etc. A few of my classmates would regularly make jokes directed at the mentally retarded and physically handicapped kids, or make racist jokes directed against blacks or Puerto-Ricans (I grew up in an all-white school).  I never laughed to their faces, but I laughed along with the crowd behind their backs (except the one sad time that I belittled the only black fellow who was in my boy scout troop). In life, I believed there were a few winners and mostly losers, and I considered myself to be one of those few winners.

(The path of the 'big-ego' is the temptation that snares countless successful people. This being puffed up with self  is one of the main roads leading to hell)

Anyway, not everything in life went my way. My high school football coach was known for playing favorites with guys he favored. Rarely would he play an underclassmen in varsity. Frequently he would say, "The cream will rise to the top," so I figured I would just bite the bullet until I became a senior. 
Then I would get my shot at glory!

The summer preceding my senior year, I worked out intensely all summer long. By the start of the season, I was confident that I would break many records; I was quite elated. But this elation did not last long. A few days prior to our first game I was sidelined for the entire season due to an injury. It appeared to be a freak accident. Ironically, it was the wimpiest and lightest fellow on the entire team who felled me! When I was returning a punt in practice, he tackled me by grabbing one of my ankles. My ligaments got torn. That same day I was on crutches! My career was abruptly ended. I was furious! I angrily shook my fist at the heavens and exclaimed, "Why me? It's not fair!"

At the age of sixteen I started having personal health problems, but didn't focus on it much till about the age of twenty. At the age of twenty I went to doctors for relief, but they had no answers. After having a brief "pity party" I made up my mind I would one day cure myself. Since I was a very confident fellow I took personal charge of the situation. I got involved in many different things: herbs, self-hypnosis, health foods, fasting, etc. After a few years, I actually became grateful for my problems! Despite my initial anguish, I had become a happier and more balanced person (I became happier because I was forced to look within myself, instead of spending all my spare time chasing my carnal urges, as I had been doing.)

I began college by majoring in pre-vet, but I couldn't make the high grades required to get into veterinarian school. In those days it was harder to get into vet school than it was to get into medical school. Because I lost my career goal, I lost all academic motivation.

I learned early upon entering college that this so called higher education (bettering yourself) was a big sham. Higher education, for the most part, actually meant higher pleasure-cation. It was an opportunity for most of us big kids to let loose and party. For the first time in our life, we were free from our parents protective umbrella. I hung out with my new friends, smoked a lot of pot and drank a lot of beer.

On campus, there were Christian whom everyone called soul-talkers; they were Christian disciples. They would diligently witness about Jesus and try to get us to attend their Bible-study meetings. (Even though I mocked them along with most of the other students in the dorm, in their presence I felt inferior because I sensed that they had an inner strength, which I totally lacked).

Nevertheless, behind their backs my friends and I would mock them while we were drunk or stoned. Within our immature group we dehumanized them; we laughed and joked about the soul-talkers being brain-washed fanatics. Once I even went to one of their Bible studies meetings just to argue with them! 
(I can still recall the frustrated look on the face of the leader of the study at my insane arguments!)

On another note, while I was a college student I witnessed a lone Hare-Krishna devotee with a shaved head who used to chant and dance ecstatically in front of the campus library. Most of the students (including myself) would scorn and / or mock him while quickly scurrying away! 
I surmised that this fellow had to be the most 'flipped-out' person I had ever encountered! I was genuinely scared to get too close to him for fear I too might lose my mind, shave my head, and become crazy like he appeared!

Also, I 'judged' (looked down upon) everything that I did not understand. Additionally, since during this time period communes were popular I viewed people who lived and worked in them as being "suckers" because they worked for no pay. WHAT A SHALLOW PERSON I WAS!

I believed that religion was for weak people. Strong people such as myself were self-reliant, and didn't need such things! (Though, I was weak for women - they were my crutch!)

At that time period, the ancient healing art of acupuncture had just become well-known in this country, it was big in the news. Many people would joked about acupuncture being fraudulent (a myth that had been initially perpetrated by the American Medical Association due to their fear of competition). I believed that these acupuncturists had to be quacks since they claimed they could heal people by merely sticking needles in them! I surmised, "What kind of stupid people would believe such a blatant lie?" In like fashion I would laugh at or judge most everything I did not understand, or things that made me feel uncomfortable.

Like some great Lord on a throne, I had my views on how others should live their lives wisely. But in my own life I was doing absolutely nothing to help anyone other than myself. I was such a hypocrite! Sadly, I honestly did not see my own hypocrisy. Indeed, I was a thoroughly shallow and selfish person. When I went to Synagogue on Yom Kippur (the Day for Atonement for one's sins) I never knew what to atone for. That is how dense my consciousness was at that time!

(At that time I did not yet know that selfishness - in all its manifestations - is the main portion of the sin equation; any thought, word, or deed that is tainted by any selfish motive)

Anyway, by the time I dropped out of the pre-vet program (1976-77) all my distractions were gone, thus my primary focus and goal in life was to deal with my personal health problems. I read a book titled, "Survival into the 21st Century" by Viktoras Kulvinskas. This book covered many subjects, but what really caught my attention was the information it contained concerning a "raw-food" diet, and the call for the detoxification of the body. The book touted this regimen as the "fountain of youth", and after reading the author's viewpoint I whole-heartedly believed it myself. It appeared to be offering me the cure for which I had been searching. 

After reading a small portion of this book, I got so excited about the purification diet that I converted from eating the typical American diet to a raw-food diet  virtually overnight! Months later, I discovered the hard way that radically changing one's diet, even for the better, can become hazardous to your health if its not guided by wisdom.The old adage, "A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing" was certainly true in my case (Though, a raw-food diet can be wonderful if it is implemented properly!)

Over a period of six months I dropped from a muscular 145 lbs. to an emaciated 105 lbs. My college buddies began telling me that I was now always irritable and that I looked emaciated! I dismissed their comments because I didn't notice any changes in my appearance nor moods. (I was not an introspective person at that time in my life, as I am today. All people desiring to please God must be willing to look objectively at themselves - readily welcoming constructive criticism as readily as they welcome compliments)

As my health was gradually deteriorating I was led to another book titled,        
"Be Your Own Doctor "  by Anne Wigmore. Wigmore stresses that the crucial part of the detoxification diet was something called wheat-grass juice. I had failed to incorporate this into my regimen which was one of my major blunders. So, I started following the book's advice to grow the wheat grass, but I couldn't extract the chlorophyll-rich juice without a special juicer. So, I ordered one through the mail because there were none sold locally at that time. Intuitively, I knew I needed the wheatgrass juice badly, and that it would rescue me from my rapidly failing health. As the days passed as I was waiting for my juicer to arrive, I began to become progressively weaker. As I neared the time of my Death Experience I felt my vitality rapidly leaving me. It was as if my life force became like dry grass in a field that suddenly caught fire and burned all at once! (During this time I didn't visit a doctor for two reasons: First, I had no faith in them. Second, I didn't realize how dangerously ill I was rapidly becoming)

This downward spiral in my health culminated at the worst possible time; finals week of my senior year! I clearly remember returning from classes feeling exceptionally fatigued. I looked in the mirror and for the first time was suddenly hit with the reality that my body was emaciated. Also, my skin and the whites of my eyes were yellowish. I looked at my hands and was shocked to find that my fingernails were purple. I couldn't urinate and noticed that my abdomen was so full of liquid that I could barely breathe. Common sense told me that my kidneys must have backed-up. I was now drowning in my own toxins! At that moment, I was overcome with fear. Reality slapped me in the face: I realized that I was dying!

Note: At the time of my death experience, I was your typical narcissistic college student who was solely seeking personal pleasure and attaining personal goals. Like most middle class young people in America, I had no responsibilities. With all my spare time and energy, I desperately tried to squeeze the most pleasure out of life that I possibly could. At this time period spiritual matters meant nothing to me.
Before giving my detailed testimony of my journey to the other side, I must mention the format I used to describe it. At that time I was spiritually and scripturally ignorant. But after my death experience I've done much spiritual studying. For the manuscript the Almighty desired me to heavily pepper my entire testimony with passages from the Bible in order to prove to all Christians that my visionary experiences were authentic. Thus, this death account is well worthy of the time one will have to invest to read it! Also, I used wisdom from other sacred sources in order to show Christians that the Almighty has His hand in other monotheistic faiths as well. I could have backed-up my entire testimony solely through Bible passages, but chose to also use wisdom from other sacred literature in order to prove to Christians that the Word of God is more voluminous than what is written down in the Bible alone. 
{Bible - John 21:25, "Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."}
While writing this manuscript the Lord placed the following piece of wisdom in my path and instructed me to substitute spirituality in the place of science: "When we think of science we think of a rigorous, rational pursuit of truth.  Science ought to be objective, based on fact, and without agenda".
(The Lord desires us to not know dogma; but only pure truth! Because only the pure truth is from God)
Therefore in addition to displaying my death account, through which the Lord teaches myself and you the reader the basics of how to make your life holy. . . 
"You will find this essay to be a rigorous, rational pursuit of even more of the Divine truth. It will be objective, based on fact, and without any agenda - we accept as fact whatever the pursuit of truth teaches us." 
*Only if one follows this type of purely objective formula, can one discover  the pure truth. And relax everyone - all truth is of God!
Recall, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the Life."
Thus,  once something has proven itself to you to be a truth, then firmly stand upon it (Bible - "The parable of building one's house upon the rock." The rock is pure truth")
  My Death Experience
                      "Those with ears, let them hear!"

"I knew I was dying, but I reasoned I was too young to die!" 
(I was only twenty-two years old, now I understood that the catastrophes that at times happen to our unfortunate neighbor [cancer, stroke, serious auto accident, etc], can one day befall us)

(What happened next will not make sense to the rational mind because of the numerous revelations and visions during my death experience all seemed to occur at the same time, so please bear with me, I will do my best to describe my death account to you in as close to chronological order as I can manage)

If I had been raised a Christian the Lord would have most probably dealt with me through the personage of Jesus. But since I was raised a Jew, who was raised under a heavily conditioned anti-Jesus upbringing, God the Father did not send Jesus as this would have been too overbearing for me during this most painful time. Instead, He dealt with me in a merciful way - He, Himself, dealt with me.  
He taught me pure truth, pure truth without a speck of religion. Just as Jesus taught us! How merciful God was to this sinner!!
"I looked up and saw God. Even though I was not a spiritual person, something inside of me instantly recognized Him. At that very moment, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that even an avowed atheist would instantly recognize Him! (The reason being is that we all originated from Him.)
I looked up and saw what looked like a ball of fire in the clouds.

Note: The Bible teaches the following: 

1 - Jesus will return with the clouds of heaven. (Matt. 26:63-65) 
2 - God is a consuming fire. (Deut. 4:23-25) 
3 - The Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles during Pentecost in the     form of fire. (Acts 2:1-4) 

Immediately, I placed my hands over my eyes and wept. In that instant it dawned on me that all the spiritual people my friends and I used to mock were 100% right, and we had been 100% wrong!
{Jesus said, "Those who save their live will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it" }

Sadly, I had lived my entire life in disregard of God and His noble ways. Now I was most painfully aware of this fact. It was like this scenario: Imagine working hard all your life, then making a gamble by selling everything you own to place one huge bet, and betting on a losing team - and then instantly losing everything!
But this was far, far worse because this was not my possessions that I was losing, but losing my very own soul!

The emotional pain/anguish I was experiencing was so awful it was beyond human comprehension!!
{Bible - When Jesus describes the emotional state of unfaithful souls on their Judgment day when they are shut out of heaven, He proclaims, "There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth." - actually the pain is so terrible its impossible to describe!!!}

Also, I instantly understood that if I had built my life around God and the things of God (living a life of goodness), I would have been overjoyed at this awesome sight (it would have been far better than even winning the powerball lottery!).
Sadly, since I had lived such a totally self-serving (sinful) existence, I merited no part in that indescribable glory that I was shown. Instead, I was now paying for my sinful life by experiencing a hellish state of indescribable agony and sorrow.

Next this great ball of fire descended upon me. This light was so brilliant, that it blinded me. I attempted to dim it by placing my hands over my eyes, but this most brilliant light could not be dimmed! It was like a fire that totally consumed me.
{Bible - Saul encountered this same light during his conversion on the road to Damascus. He stated later that, "This light was brighter than the sun."
Additionally, Eastern Mysticism describes the light of God as being brighter than the sun.}

Again, I repeat, that throughout this experience, I was in sheer agony on account of the selfish (sinful) life that I had lived. I still remember being on my knees while this brilliant, blinding light broke and crushed my hard-heartedness; the prideful nature that predominated in me and through sinful lifestyle had made a home in me. This crushing process was extremely painful! (but it was God's mercy!)

On another note, I was shown that the Lord is behind all the monothestic religions that we have with us today. All of those believers are very dear to Him. The spiritual landscape has drastically changed since the days of the ancient Hebrews. The ancient Hebrews were surrounded by pagan nations. All those pagan religions that existed in that day became extinct, long ago. All these monotheistic religions that we have with us today have been around from several hundred to a thousand years or more. The reason that they have endured so long is because people are receiving divine aide through following their teachings. 
Why is this? Because our merciful God has His hand in them all!
Wherever God is involved mercy is there, healing is there!
(Though, within these paths often truths and falsehoods are mixed together. Some religions contain more light or truth in them than others.) 
Therefore, practices which are foreign to us, or ancient wisdom should not be routinely discounted.
Know that the merciful Lord has His invisible merciful fingers in so many things in this world; anywhere people are being restored is a sign that He is there! Know, that there are many  holy things outside of the fundamentalist Christian experience.
Following the 'full gospel' is the highest form of religion on the planet, but few souls know this entails, and even fewer souls follow it! The holiest portions of Christianity involve overcoming thyself, confessing sins one to another, being partakers in the sufferings of Christ (sufferings, humiliations), renunciation, persecution, and martyrdom! Omit these painful portions from your walk and your walk loses much of its anointing! 

Christianity is just like an iceberg.
To be a candidate for the kingdom of heaven one must become a disciple. For disciples who live the required consecrated life, but don't suffer for the faith, their entire spiritual experience is still good. . . they live in the tip of the iceberg. This characterizes most of the disciples in the soft west. If all you know is the tip of the iceberg, that is all you believe that there is. The tip of the iceberg is only a small portion of the iceberg; the largest portion is hidden. The Lord purposely keeps sacred things hidden from the lightweights. God only reveals the most sacred portions, the deep things of God, to those who pay a greater price for the faith.
Next, I saw myself as though I had been living behind a curtain my entire life; that all my thoughts, words, and deeds that I had previously assumed had been performed in secret was actually noted by God and all the Heavenly hosts. 
Also, I had previously believed that I was only this physical body, and that this world is only physical, devoid of Spirit (God). 

All of a sudden, this veil of illusion (curtain) was lifted and the floodlights shone on me. For the first time I saw Reality. Reality is that everything that appears to be physical (devoid of spirit) is God's energy. Also, I saw that I had been on display my entire life. Every thought, word, and deed of mine that I had assumed was performed in secret, had been recorded since my birth and were now being fully exposed in the light of day. Everything that I ever did in secret was now brought out into the light for full review in front of God and all the Heavenly Hosts! Now, my entire life was being laid out bare before them. I knew they were all there. The awareness of their presence was clearly felt by me.
{I believe  these to be the same Beings whom God is speaking to in the Bible when He says, "Let us create man in Our image."}
{Shakespeare describes it best when he declares - "We are all actors on a stage."

If you truly lose your life for His sake the sin nature or flesh will eventually die. It 
dies cause you stop feeding it. The goodness within will grow as you feed it with good works, and the darkness within will die as you starve it.   
>that is the path to glory!
(Later in life I learned the great importance of moderating partaking in sense enjoyment; For example - tasty food and sexual activity. For example: Many spiritual peoples' flesh gets worse by attempting to completely stop the sex thing. For most folks moderation is the recommended path to follow for the best long term results in the quest to overcome the flesh. 
{That is one of the main things that Buddha taught - the middle road.}
If you can't do something in moderation it means that you have a problem with it, and this problem is slowing down or can even cripple your spiritual evolution!

Until this point in my life I had thought of myself as being basically a good person. (Though being a good person was never the motivating force in my life). I used to reflect that I had never robbed, raped, nor killed anyone. I certainly was not a criminal. Merely because I had never done anything horrible, I assumed that I was a good person! What a shallow fellow I was!! When I compared myself to others around me, I seemed all right. When I used to go to the synagogue on Yom Kippur (the Jewish day of Atonement), I never knew what I had done wrong to atone for. I honestly felt that I had never sinned! This is how jaded my consciousness had been prior to this spiritual awakening!

Since then I've learned that one can only become a good person if being a good person is the greatest desire in your life. Not number two, but number one! The reason being is that to be one you have to become very humble, unselfish, and extremely sacrificial. This is the only way that you can see and meet the needs of those around you. The Lord showed me that the goal of the spiritual path is to make you into the ideal human being. (Later on in life I learned that this is what it means to become a Christian.)

For the first time, I saw everything from a totally different perspective, from God's perspective. For me this was a most shocking and extremely painful awakening!

Important: From God's viewpoint its a grave mistake that we make by judging our goodness by comparing ourselves to the righteousness of our neighbors.
Because most of humanity lives their lives in darkness (a major reason for this is most of the members of the human race refuses to extend their great love that they manifest for themselves and their immediate family members to the outside world). Thus, we are real fools if we compare our righteousness to those around us! 

Rather, the Lord showed me the wise alternative is to compare ourselves to the holy ones ... the Saintly (people such as Mother Teresa, holy people in the Bible, the Eastern Mystics, saintly people you know, etc.). Truly, God expects us all to become like these holy ones! I'm not kidding!! Indeed, God's expectations of our character are far, far higher than most realize or want to believe! 
{Jesus stated, "Be perfect as your Father is in Heaven"}. . . my friends, that is not an option, its a commandment! The Almighty fully expects us to sincerely strive for perfection!

*Concerning these exalted expectations of God, please don't despair - if one perseveres on the spiritual path like a soldier, with God's grace eventually anyone can attain Sainthood ... even ME and YOU! 
{Jesus stated, "Humanly speaking it not possible to become perfect, but with God's grace all things are possible!"} 
>I was shown as we 'fight the good fight' our holy-efforts attract God's grace like a magnet! Thus, if you desire to reap grace, then sow holy-effort! 
*Note: Even if you don't attain God consciousness in this life the Lord is extremely merciful to all those who sow sincere effort. (those who try hard!).
(Catholic teachings -- The only way to go straight to heaven (skip purgatory), is to die a martyr or become a living martyr (a truly crucified man, totally selfless; a living saint; no longer having the lower nature; becoming all good as Jesus and His Father are!).

The Eternal One showed me that throughout my entire life my ego had occupied the center-stage of my life; I had lived solely for gratifying myself. I was motivated by varying degrees of self-interest in everything that I did (though, I had never consciously thought about this before). The foundation of my life was myself and all of my actions were performed to obtain some type of reward for myself; either tangible or intangible. Either I wanted money, sex, a pat on the back, a wink, a smile, someone to think well of me, etc. Thus, all of my acts had been polluted by selfish motives to varying degrees.
{My selfish motive was as thick as a rope, a string, or merely a thread. These selfish motives are what makes our acts 'dirty rags' before God}
Thus, until this point all of my life's deeds had been totally unacceptable to God!!!

Actually, I was shown that I had not even performed one deed that was acceptable to God my entire life; not even one! I was shattered, speechless, and panic stricken all at the same time! I cried, "I cannot believe it, I have wasted my entire life!" I had absolutely nothing to show for all my entire time spent on Earth! 
I was completely devastated!!

Fun and pleasure, which was once everything to me, were not in my mind anymore. At this point, all that mattered to me was to find pure acts of love to offer up to God so that He would accept them. I feverishly searched, but to my dismay I could not find any! At this point the priceless importance of performing selfless deeds became crystal clear to me. Also, during this experience for the first time the Lord taught me the very great importance of offering up to Him our acts of devotion. If we don't offer them up we don't receive the full credit from God.                 
{This wisdom is fully in line with Catholic teachings}.

The Almighty showed me that if I would have put Him on the throne of my life (living to please Him), that this would have been the single most important decision that I could have made!                          
{Then I surely would have produced so many acceptable deeds!! A big reason why groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are successful is because this is precisely what they teach. Although, I would not call God my higher power as I do not own Him. It would be more accurate to call Him - Thee Higher Power. Also, these groups do not put God in a box as sadly most Christians tend to do. God's mercy is so great the knowledge of it can't be contained in any one book!}

Totally submitting one's life to the one God and striving to live His precepts sets the foundation for a proper, successful life. Previously, I had thought that people who had lived like this were fanatics. Now I was shown that this is precisely what the Eternal One expects from us all. It is not fanaticism, but the requirement to attain salvation!
{Bible - Paul teaches, "Make your body a living sacrifice for that is your reasonable service." - reasonable means minimum. Its the least one can do! }

Then, I saw that once God was on the throne of my life if my actions I performed were motivated solely by a desire to please Him, they would be acts of pure love. These acts of pure love are not 'dirty rags', as the others had been. 
God would readily accept these selfless acts as holy-deeds!!!!

*I must stress the point that this is the most important part of my enlightening experience: Actions motivated solely by love of God, or doing what is right, are holy-deeds (not 'dirty rags'), and have the power of 'spiritual dynamite' that can be felt right up in Heaven! 
(I clearly saw this with my own eyes!!!!)
*If the spiritual world was a fiberoptic network, all the lines would made of selflessness! The energy to move everything forward would be agape love."

Note: One doesn't have to be in the ministry or be one who works for a charity to please God - the Lord accepts any honest work as a love offering! The Lord knows we need money to survive. Its crucial when you labor to do the labor as unto the Lord, without thinking of your paycheck. That is how to make your work holy!
>In a documentary video on Mother Teresa she made the statement when speaking of becoming a holy-person: "I have to be holy at what I do, and you have to be holy at what you do." 
Perform all your labor as a selfless devotion to God, that is how to make your work holy! As long as we guard our lives from sin, God always remembers our pure deeds ... forever! 
A crucial part of love thy neighbor lots of spiritual neglect is to warn sinners of 
God's judgments, lest they repent, then change for the better.

Many people desire to leave their mark on the world when they die; they desire to be remembered favorably, many desire fame. God showed me that if I would have dedicated my life to Him it would bring Him great pleasure, and He would favorably remember me ... forever! This is miles better than any amount of earthly fame! How incredible! I anguished, "If I only had known this before I died!" 

The Eternal One showed me how easy it would have been to attain the kingdom of God. He gave me a bird's eye view of my past, and I saw all the effort I had exerted in my life toward the attainment of worldly pursuits (money, glory, sex, and other pleasures). I was shown that this whole creation was like a rigged roulette wheel in a gambling casino. As much as one tries, one can never fully satisfy one's selfish desires. It is virtually impossible, because this whole world is rigged against you!
{Though some people are very rich like King Solomon of the Bible. On account of their wealth they have the opportunity to thoroughly satiate themselves as he did. For example he possessed over a thousand women and incredible wealth. He states, "I had thoroughly satiated myself, and learned all is vanity, and like striving after the wind."}

I was shown that its really not impossible to attain the kingdom of heaven in this life. If one stays faithful to God, acts like a spiritual soldier, disciplining one's mind, thereby not becoming distracted by the fleeting pleasures of life or caught in the cares of this life (which bleeds ones light). Its essential to serve the Lord as tirelessly as possible (devotions and labors). . . with zeal and full faith.

A big problem most sincere Believers have is lack of discipline. If we don't perform regular early morning devotions we become easily drawn to the enticements of this world. When we give our devotion (energy) to the things of this world, rather than the Creator of it, it becomes sin. Thus, we do not grow spiritually as we desire.

St. Francis of Assisi, one of the holiest men who ever lived, stressed the great importance of living a life of holy-simplicity (Holy-simplicity means to cut everything out of your life that is not necessary for you to perform your Dharma (Sanskrit for Sacred-Duty to God).

By attaining the kingdom of God (God consciousness), I am referring to something both very great and extremely rare in this world. I am talking only about someone whose heart has become purified, and who has thus become a living Saint 
(A person who has entered the gates of heaven prior to bodily death).
{Jesus states, "The pure in heart shall see God."}

Anyone who attains the kingdom of God must first pass the most important test one will ever encounter. Compared to this test, all other tests are worth less than nothing. Only if you pass this test has your life been a total success. This is the testing of your character (Whether we like it or not the Lord is testing us all). Having an impeccable character is the prerequisite to becoming a Living Saint.
Actually, God tests all of us to see what we are made of, to see whether we are worthy of His mercy (salvation). Many professing Christians are taught that merely . professing the name of Jesus, without fitting good works will open all the doors. They are wrong! Many others say, "Jesus knows my heart" and believe that God will accept that as an excuse for inaction. The Lord wants me to respond to this way of thinking by saying this: Just as Jesus demonstrated His love for us on the Cross, God insists that we demonstrate what is in our heart!
(The well-known axiom, "Actions speak louder than words" is not in the Bible, but it is definately worthy of being posted therein!)
Note: The reason that Jesus and the holy ones know God is only because they are one with Him (to varying degrees). So for us, the two essential ingredients here are becoming pure at heart, plus having an impeccable character.
*Appealing to your common sense I am going to prove somethings that are crucial for you to understand for the sake of this LIVING MARTYR PROJECT, so we will all be of one accord. So please be patient while I attempt to prove certain fundamental spiritual truths. 

There are two different ways one can interpret statements of Christ: 
1-  A spiritual / figurative way 
2-  A literal way  
For example, after Peter revealed to Jesus that he knew that Jesus was the Messiah; Jesus pointed to Peter and made the declaration -
"Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, upon this rock I will build My Church." 
The Catholics have interpreted the above declaration in a literal way, firmly believing that Christ was only referring to the man, Peter. For that very reason they believe that the Pope is the only rightful heir for Christendom, as he is in the lineage of the throne of Peter. Therefore, Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is Christ's hand-chosen Church; the other Churches are in rebellion to Christ! 

As everyone knows, the Protestants have a completely different interpretation - a spiritual one. They believe that the Lord was referring to not just Peter, but also to anyone who has the 'eyes to see' truth, as Peter possessed.  

I'm sure you will agree with me that the facts on the ground have proven that the Protestant's spiritual interpretation has been acceptable to God. Otherwise, all these Evangelical Churches that we have around today would be spiritually dead, which certainly is not the case! The fact is that that God works powerfully through so many Protestant Churches. Isn't this true? Again, facts have proven that the spiritual interpretation is acceptable to God, as is the literal interpretation.

Now, we jump to the most famous statement of Christ, 
"I am the way, the truth and the life; no-man comes to the Father, except through Me." 
In regards to this statement of the Master, the Church has decided to interpret this statement only literally, not spiritually. If one decides to interpret this one spiritually, you are branded a heretic!  Hear this: I was an eye-witness to the truth, just like the original apostles! But, since I was a modern-day, eye-witness to this truth, I have a differing viewpoint in one major area of this truth. Here is what this modern-day, eye-witness (me) has been shown by God, Himself (please afford me ample space to reveal, and then prove my stance):  Again, since I was raised as a Jew with a heavily conditioned anti-Jesus upbringing, God the Father dealt with me separate from the personage of Jesus. The Almighty revealed to me His very own image, if He were to be in a human body as we are. Then He clearly impressed upon me - This is what He insists us humans strive to imitate
God accepts people from non-Christian faiths who are Christlike!
Again, the Almighty never educated me about the personage of Jesus rather what He did do was, over-and-over-again, stress the importance of becoming what Christians call Christlike! 

On account of my heavily-conditioned, anti-Jesus upbringing, after my JDE I was initially attracted to the spirituality of the Eastern Mystics, not Christianity. I spent time with some of the well-known Spiritual Masters from India. Some of the ones I spent time with were greatly anointed Christlike Beings - individuals possessing a more powerful anointing than any Christians I have met to date! I spent time with some Mahatmas (sanscrit for 'Great Souls').
*Just as in the case of Christ's declaration concerning Peter, God accepts both the literal, and the spiritual interpretation of that statement - "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no-man comes to the Father, except through Me!" 
(If you Protestants insist that everything that Christ said must be interpreted in the literal way only, then the entire Christian Church has rebelled against the will of Christ, by rejecting the Church of His hand-chosen successor Peter; the Catholic Church!) 
As every believer knows, God's nature never changes - He is fair, merciful, righteous, etc.  But, sometimes the way He does things change. When Jesus was physically on Earth, and if you were witness to the events you would naturally have to make make Him your Master. But, lots has happened in the spiritual world in the last 2,000 years. God the Father and Jesus are most concerned that all disciples from all monotheistic faiths develop a character like Jesus possessed Since to do that does not come about without great personal effort and great personal sacrifice, for those who develop this it proves to God that you love Him more than your own self-serving life. That is what the Lord has really been looking for from us all from day one!
{Jesus said - "Those who save their live will lose it, but those who lose their life for my sake will preserve it" >My JDE repeatedly points back to this truth. To God's heart this is of the topmost importance!)
To this line of reasoning I add: Doesn't Jesus instruct us to be a person like the Good Samaritan? Frankly, we don't know anything about what the Good Samaritan believed, all we know about him is that he was the type of person who would give anyone in serious need the shirt off his back! Since Jesus spoke highly of him, I'm quite sure that he was a saved individual - regardless of his religious beliefs! This is totally in line with what the Lord taught me when I was dead. That is the whole point; Actions count far more than Beliefs! {Jesus said, "You shall know them by their fruit." - What He is basically saying is: "All those who busy themselves in manifesting goodness are of God."}   

Additionally, the Lord taught me to explain something to my Christian readers in this simple, easily understandable fashion: In India there are millions of sadhus. They are nomadic spiritual men who have renounced sex and all forms of materialism, consecrated their lives to God, and are living full-time for Him. Out of such a vast multitude of men running the race, naturally some of them win God's respect and favor; as did Job from the Bible.
(Bible - "God is seeking the whole earth, looking for the man whose heart is perfect towards Him" - that has not changed!) 

When the Lord finds one whom fits the above description, He delights in him, adopts him as a son, puts a crown on his head, and gives him power from on High! Before this Chosen Vessel dies, he is empowered by God to pass his anointing / enlightenment onto one of his disciples (if there is one who is qualified).This is Apostlistic succession - Indian style! This explains the powerful anointing of the Eastern Mystics (Gurus), and how their anointing is kept alive even after they experience physical death, by being passed down to a successor. 
(Note: The Lord allows one lineage, that I am aware of, to be done differently; the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. For example, when the Dalai Lama dies his spirit will be reborn into a baby, and his monks will search for that infant!)  
The India example is just like the example of the anointing of Abraham, and him being capable to pass His anointing to one other; Isaac. Then, Isaac to Jacob.
(Recall, shortly before Isaac died, his second son, Jacob, fooled the father so he would receive the eldest son, Esau's blessing. After Isaac imparted the 'blessing' to Jacob, there was nothing remaining to impart to Esau!).  
It's just like Elijah being able to pass his anointing onto his prime disciple; Elisha. But, when there in no disciple who is deemed qualified for the anointing, the lineage dies out. This is the case in both of the above examples, and also in the case of the heir to the throne of Peter.

In that same vein, the Sikh religion had ten sucessive enlightened masters before their lineage died out. 

The Mormons claim to have the true Christian lineage as Joseph Smith supposedly received the blessing from John-the-Baptist. But, since they didn't accept blacks as priests till 1978 if Joseph Smith did have it its obviously been lost!

Interestingly, Eastern Mysticism teaches: the highest love for the Spiritual Master (Guru) is to become in His image; as he is in the image of God 
{Though the Spiritual Master is not as perfect as Jesus this process has worked for thousands of years}.  
Additionally, in this eastern tradition one is taught that an advanced disciple wants to experience everything that his Guru / Master has experienced in his walk. 
*My Christian friend; this same principal holds true if you desire to become a real disciple of Jesus! (scary, huh!).
Hey, when Jesus made the following statement do you suppose he was speaking literally or figuratively?
Lu 14:26 - "If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father, mother, and his wife and children, his brothers and sisters--yes, even his own life -he cannot be My disciple. 
{Please put the time aside now, to think over the logic in what you have just read. 
I am trying like the dickens to break you free of religion!}

Another thing - One doesn't have to be a Christian to have a personal relationship with God! Sure, Jesus is the most righteous of Beings, but one can approach the Almighty in the name of any holy person.
{Doesn't the Bible teach us that God hears the prayers of the righteous?
For example, for thousands of years Jews would approach God in the name of Abraham, Issaac, and Jacob}
At this point, if I had been in touch with my physical body, I would have pulled out all of my hair in anguish and I would have torn all my clothes to pieces in agony over the realization that I had discarded this more than golden opportunity (the pain I experienced was greater than mere human words can convey!  I was now going to be heavily punished for what looked like eternity. . . forever!!!! ). This golden opportunity that I am referring to is to live a holy life in this dark world. 
(A world that is full of temptations and distractions at every turn.)
Its like having a more than even shot at winning the powerball lotto, but far, far more valuable!!!
{The Bible speaks of "gnashing of teeth" (concerning Judgment Day of the ungodly); ... on the other hand for the Godly-ones it is written, 
"No eye has seen nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him."}

Winning the Lord's favor is far better than having the most beautiful women or winning the powerball lottery! If we follow God's recipe, anyone can win this favor! The good news is that your neighbor winning does not exclude you from winning. 
In fact, the Lord desires everyone to win, and no-one to lose! This reveals how greatly God loves everyone. But, His love can't make you win, it can only inspire and motivate. It's only your own wise actions that will be the deciding factor of whether you get saved!
{Peter states, "Truly I perceive that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him." Acts 10:34}

Sadly, because of man's inherent selfishness plus even the believer's lack of zeal for the divine way, very few, indeed, win in life.
{Jesus states, "The path to heaven is straight and narrow and few there are that find it; the path to destruction is wide and most walk thereon."
The reason that few find it is not because God is that tough, but rather because hardly anyone is crucifying their flesh and diligently walking the path. (By the way, studying the scriptures without walking the path makes you a worse sinner!
{Peter states- "For him who knows righteousness and doesn't perform it, for him it is sin".}

The truth that I experienced is that the finality of death is clearly false. When 'I died,' I merely dropped my physical body. My consciousness never died, but instead crossed-over into another dimension. Though, since I had lived a totally narcissistic (sinful) life, this transition was extremely, extremely, extremely painful!!!
{Bible states that for those who sinned out of ignorance (people such as myself), that they will receive fewer lashes as compared to those who sin and knew better} ... I can't imagine how painful it will be on Judgment Day for those who, unlike myself, knew what was written in the scriptures and still lived a sinful (selfish) life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I use so many exclamation points here to give you an idea of how painful Judgment Day will be for those folks!)
{Later in life the Lord taught me this truth: The spreading of the gospels was called the Great Commission because the knowledge of holy-gospels was brand new to the world, and thus had to be spread throughout. Since that has already been successfully done throughout the western countries - now the Great Commission in these countries has been upgraded. The modern day Great Commission in these countries is to motivate all these believers to become disciples. For them to strive to live lives fully consecrated to God and becoming fruitful in good works}
It seemed that all the cumulative actions of my entire life happened all at the same time. (Strangely enough, my brain had no difficulty dealing with this explosion of experiences).
Yes, this was my JUDGMENT DAY! (Sadly, it was something that I had never given any fore-thought to.)
In this divine light I saw more Reality. This Reality was that:
Interestingly enough, my judge was not some immense being on a great white throne. Instead, something had emerged from within myself (I believe that it was my soul), and It rose above my body and sat in judgment of me. I had never recalled ever being in touch with this part of myself before. My soul showed absolutely no partiality towards me, even though "It" had resided within me my entire life. My own soul sat in judgment of my entire life. It assumed a totally objective and impartial role. (At this time I was fully aware that this soul of mine would just as soon caste me into hell rather than offend God.) "It" knew God's standard which was perfection, and all of my actions were compared to this standard (by "perfection," I mean pure-love).
Since I had lived a life contrary to God's ways I experienced that the entire creation considered me their enemy and was poised to persecute me! 
I witnessed that the entire creation serves God, the only ones who do not do so are sinful man! (and I assume the devils also, but I did not see any of those critters during this experience). This is the case because humans are the only creature with free-will, and sadly most of us choose to not fulfill the purpose for which we were all created; TO SERVE GOD!
I was shown that pure-love was serving God and thy neighbor without any self-centered motives. Even if one was motivated to perform a good deed in order to feel good about one's own self, or to attain future treasures in heaven, this would be considered to be a tainted act. All tainted acts are totally unacceptable to God. I was shown that God only accepts purely selfless acts of love. 
(Now, this does not mean that if someone rewards you, you are not to accept it. It means that your actions are not motivated by desire for any personal gain)
I was shown that pure love is the Almighty's Divine measuring stick, and that all of my actions were compared to this Divine barometer. Pleasing God and doing what is right in His eyes must be one's sole motive. Also, the Lord revealed to me that pure acts done for love of Him gradually purify the heart; thereby eventually leading the one who learns to live right (living selflessly) back home. . . back to God! (To become pure within is the way back to God).
The spiritual way is to dovetail all thoughts, words, and deeds into His service. If the deed or conversation is something God wouldn't accept, don't partake in it! That way we always remain close to God, and this is the road to "lose you life for His sake".
{Bible - Jesus stated, "Those who save their life will lose it, but those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it."}
A Judgement Day Experience 
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