The most important commandment to be one's guiding light is to always strive to live this Golden Rule of Christ:
"To love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, 
and  to love thy neighbor as thyself." 
Jesus states - "If you do these two things, you fulfill the entire law. . . and you will live!"
Other religions have very similar teachings (but not exactly the same). 
It appears the Almighty wants to make sure that the entire human race follows this one! Though, Christ's "Golden-Rule" is the most perfect of all the formulas! 
Here are parallel teachings from other faiths:
Hinduism: This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you. Mahabharata 5:1517
Buddhism: Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find harmful. Udana-Varga 5:18
Confucianism: Surely it is the maxim of loving kindness; do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you. Analects 15:23
Taoism: Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain and your neighbor's loss as your own loss. T ai Shang Kan Ying P ien
Judaism: What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man: That is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. Talmud, Shabbat 31a
Islam: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Sunnah
Sikhism: I am a stranger to no-one; and no-one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all. Guru Grath Sahib, pg. 1299
Jainism: One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated. Mahavira, Sutrakritanga
Baha'I faith: Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things you would not desire for yourself. Baha'u'llah, Gleanings
Zoroastrianism: Do not unto others whatever is injurious to yourself. Shayast-na-Shayast 13:29 

Also, ponder this: Recall, when Jesus was a newborn in the manger wise men from the East bearing gifts came to see Him. The Bible made note of this occurrence in order to hint to reader that good things were afoot in the East even in those ancient days. (And so are they today!)
The more that my past was examined, the more tears and regrets consumed me. In high school I had considered my friends and I to be the topmost of men, but now I saw from God's viewpoint that I was among the lowest! At one time I had considered most other people beneath me, but from God's perspective I saw I was beneath most others! Now, the entire celestial kingdom was mocking me as I had once mocked others!! Due to my prideful attitude, I was judged by God to be among the lowest of men! Because I had thought so well of myself and so badly of others, I had sealed my own hellish fate!!
(But especially because I thought badly of less fortunate people, thought badly of other races, and mocked God's devotees) 
{Jesus states,"Whatsoever you have done to the least of them, you have done to me." 
Plus, its not written of in the Bible but racism is a HUGE sin because its one if the sins that is tearing apart God's world. Indeed, unrepentant racists will have a very hard time escaping hell! So, if you are a victim of racism instead of hating, you ought to pity racists}
I had actually been serving (albeit unconsciously) the false-god (satan). 
My prideful, self-centered attitude had put me at odds with the Almighty One. Since I had lived a totally self-centered lifestyle, absolutely everything I did was sin! Sadly, before this experience I never knew that living for self was sin.
My friend, the pain of experiencing these unfolding realizations was beyond words!
In this Divine light I was shown the Almighty's heavenly barometer. I was given a birds-eye view of the fate of all souls who have passed. I was on the lower end, mainly due to my arrogant, puffed-up attitude.  I had considered myself and my friends to be on the top, but the Lord showed me that I was on the bottom! Some of my bedfellows were the arrogant lawyers and businessmen whom most people despise due to their egotism. Spiritually speaking, I was as lowly as them because inwardly I as prideful and egotistical as they were.

I was shown that the masses of people, the silent majority, were above me. Though, they also were sentenced to realms of darkness, but not in as deep a darkness as was myself, because their love was greater than mine. (They loved and served their families, whereas I only loved and served myself.)
These souls were also sentenced to reside in a place of terrible agony, but not as terrible as mine, as I had been more sinful than them. Theirs was the lot of most of humanity. Many of this lot were most of the church-goers. They were people who knew the holy teachings, but were as the Jews of old were - "A Stiff-necked people". They are people who knew better, but refused to weed out their faults, people who were not interested in changing their negative ways, people not committed to strive for perfection as the gospel commands.
Again, in the places that I and they were sentenced we were both residing in a place of utter darkness, void of light (on the other side God's light is as necessary as air is here for us to breath!)
*Because of my eye-witness account I've come to know that the Bible passages which promise salvation from 'merely believing' have been taken out of context by much of Christendom. The 'merely believe' Bible verses were only meant by the ‘Father of mercies’ to give the new believer assurance. These promises were only meant for the ‘honeymoon stage’ of the repentant sinner’s newfound relationship with God. Additionally, these promises were given for the sake of death-bed conversions; people who haven't the earthly life remaining to prove their virtue. Indeed, the initial born-again experience is pure grace from God, but a spirit-filled lifestyle is needed to sustain that salvation. Without the holy lifestyle the new-believer will become re-entangled into the mire of sin.

Just as in the case of a see-saw, when one side of the wooden plank goes up, the other side automatically goes down. Since these 'milk' verses have been grandstanded by so much of Christendom it’s caused the verses which cause us discomfort to be largely ignored. Thus, by popular demand we have created a watered version of the gospels where the only one who pays a price for the faith is Jesus!  We have manufactured a false-god to our own liking (sic). This watered down version has been passed down from generation to generation till its become institutionalized. Walking the straight and narrow has become an option in the eyes of millions! 

Additionally, since so many believers believe that they have this 'heaven guarantee card', fear of God has become obsolete!. 
But, I thought, as the Word states, "The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom?" Therefore, the Bible is telling us that most of the church may think that they see, but they don't - "Having eyes that can’t see, and ears that don't hear". Additionally, since they don't believe in works countless believers are greatly lacking in good fruit (being spiritually naked).

This perversion of the gospels has created another by popular-demand heresy. Here it is: Salvation has been made easy! As soon as the sinner recites the sinner’s prayer he is guaranteed entrance into heaven – and its impossible for him to lose this free gift! Free gift?  Sure, if you were to die that minute! But, like most of us if you were given many years henceforth to live, you would be compelled to sacrifice much of your personal life to keep that holy flame alive in your heart (The words of the Master state, “Those who save their life will lose it, but those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it”.  Also, in my death account I was shown over and over again that ‘losing one’s life for God’s sake’ was indelibly connected to salvation. This is where the rubber meets the road! Any teaching that waters down the words of Jesus is heresy! Especially, those 'merely believe' Bible verses!!)

According to the Bible herein is the only guarantee for salvation – 
“Those who persevere to the end will be saved.”

By the way, I have found that the theology of the Catholics is far closer to the truth, than that of the Protestants, but its still flawed.
I was shown that the handicapped and mentally retarded people (the ones I had once laughed at), were exalted above the masses of people because they were humble and innocent. They had attained the realm of the light (just over the light/ dark demarcation line). While living in the world they had remained pure because they had never looked down upon / never judged their neighbors. They were similar to cars idling in neutral in that they were not moving forward spiritually, but neither were they moving backward either. In hindsight, I have come to realize that spiritually speaking they are situated at the same level as are the animals. Since animals do not have free will, they cannot become polluted with sin. Therefore, they also are innocent. Animals are not judged as living in darkness, as is the majority of the human race!
{Orthodox Judaism teaches that if a man or woman does not serve God in his life it would have been better for this person to be born a worm; for a worm is only capable of being a worm. Because of free will,  a person can either rise to great spiritual heights; higher than an angel, or sink to degraded realms - becoming like a devil.}

Unfortunately, since most people misuse the gift of free-will by not striving to be faithful to God in all things (living a life of humble-righteousness), it would have been better if they never had been born! This is the sad and shocking truth I saw with my own eyes!!

Note: With God's job of being the Judge, automatically is connected to the job of dispensing punishment. And at the time of death this God of love is stuck with the terrible task of being involved with punishing the overwhelming majority of the human race. . . billions of us!
{Bible - "In the story of Noah, it states God was sorry that He had created man, and at that time there were so few people on the earth as compared to now. Today, there are far, far more people on the earth than in the days of Noah. Still only a minority choose to walk God's way - "Love God with all thy heart, mind, and soul, and love thy neighbor as thyself."  
One doesn't have to be a genius to realize that sinful mankind has become a much, much, much heavier burden to our Creator than we were in the days of Noah! Now, you know the reason that God is sorry that He has created man!}

Next, I was shown situated above the retarded and crippled folks were the soul-talkers (disciples). Remember those religious fanatics that I had so often mocked in college? Well, I saw that these people were exalted in God's eyes because they were consciously using their free will to seek out God, and please Him with the total commitment of their lives. Even though they were not as pure and innocent as the retarded and handicapped people, they were more exalted in God's eyes. I saw that this was the case because their holy-efforts were appreciated by God and had made them quite dear to Him, earning His acknowledgement.
*It appears that lots of holy-action is greater in God's sight than even purity and innocence!
*Holy-action (trying hard) is a very great thing in God's sight!
{Paul proclaims, "Present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship." - this is a far, far greater thing than merely believing!}

Interestingly enough, when the disciples witnessed to me about Jesus, they had informed me that I would surely go to hell if I did not accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. On account of my Jewish, heavily anti-Jesus upbringing I hadn't received their words of truth, but instead I had stopped up my ears and mind to their preaching (as a young child my mother drummed into my impressionable mind that Jesus was the cause behind all the very great suffering that our people endured throughout the ages, as if He as the devil!)

It's important to understand that at the time the New Testament was written the flawless reputation of Jesus had not yet been tarnished by those who claim that they represent Him. That tarnishment was a problem that has only developed after the Bible was written. Since the writing of the gospels the name of Jesus has been demonized in the eyes of countless Jews the world over because of widespread anti-Semitism and persecution that had been propagated for centuries in the name of Christ (pogroms, inquisition, crusades, etc). 
Additionally, almost all of the Christian nations didn't lift a finger to help the Jews during the holocaust (including the USA). This is the reason many Jews are raised to block their hearts and minds to the teachings of Jesus. I know this because I was once one of those Jews. Fortunately, God who is perfectly Fair and Just judges each soul individually, taking all factors into account. . . thank God! That is the reason why He is called the Righteous Judge! Thus, I was never condemned for rejecting Christ; a huge sin! But instead, I merely received a 'relative' slap on the wrists!
Note: The Word of God that the disciples had previously preached to me (and I had stopped my ears) was now being relived by me; this time every verse preached causing me extreme pain and remorse.
 {Bible - God states, "My word will not return void"}

Nevertheless, God requires Jews, Christians and everyone else to strive for perfection (perfect love), as Christ has commanded in the gospels, if they desire to be saved. The Lord expects all of us (including atheists), to strive to live the most noble lifestyle that we can conceive. For that reason those who study holy books or the teachings of the great Philosophers, without striving to walk the noble path that they are studying, are unknowingly paving their way to hell! Why? Because once you are educated to a more noble path God fully expects us to make a sincere effort to walk that path.

The thing that surprised me the most here was that that solitary Hare Krishna disciple with the shaved head, who danced and chanted on the college campus. He was by far the most exalted in God's eyes! 
(What he was doing is called - Harenama)
It was not that his religion was superior to that of the Christians that made him superior, but rather it was the fact that he personally possessed the greatest love of God. 

In fact, this particular Hare-Krishna disciple loved God so much, that he was continually willing to publicly display his praises to God in the midst of ungodly people such as myself, who mocked and scorned him. I was shown that this man was so very much in love with the Lord, that he was actually oblivious to those of us who derided him. The Christian disciples had not transcended their egos, and were still on the mental platform, However, this Hare-Krishna disciple had transcended his ego. Greater than the Christian-disciples was he because unlike them he truly loved God more than his own self (ego). As a result, he was in union with God. For him, it was as if the very heavens had opened; I saw him encircled by a glorious light. God was by far the most pleased with this individual, and I had mocked him the most! 
The one whom I had thought was the most insane and whom I had mocked the most was actually the most exalted in God's eyes! 
What pain in seeing this truth!!!
{Jesus proclaims, "Those who save their lives will lose it, and those who lose their lives for My sake will preserve it"} --- Note: Shockingly, that Hare Krishna disciple was the only one of the lot who actually attained the platform of loving God more than his life!

{Bible states, "God is searching the whole earth looking for the man whose heart is perfect toward Him."} 
Many Christians are under the false assumption that just because Jesus incarnated that the Lord is not still weighing the hearts of men. I'm here to proclaim -  He still is!  So let this holy vision that I was given become a wake-up call for us not to become complacent!

In summation, I saw that the retarded, the crippled, and the disciples of the Lord were the only people living in the light, thus they were the only people who attained the realm of light when they died (Since then, I've come to realize that a true good Samaritan can qualify to be included in that blessed company; even an atheist Good Samaritan!) 

Myself and the vast majority of other people were living in darkness. Thus, when we died we we sent to realms of darkness >places of great torment! 
(By the way, Jesus will not automatically be your intercessor, only if you are trying hard and falling short can you expect Him to be your advocate before the Father!)

It was clear to me that the vast majority of people (including most religious folk) are not headed for heaven; I'm not saying they are going to hell either. 
What i was shown was that the vast majority of people are headed to realms of darkness; a place of very great torment; a place you don't want to go!

Additionally, the times I acted as a racist was a huge sin. God especially detests racism because it is one of the sins which is tearing apart the world; there is never, ever an excuse for racism! (Warning: white men who are jealous of black men with pretty white girls is racist! Likewise, blacks being racist against whites is equally grievous!) Favoring attractive people over ugly ones is also a sin.


The reason why most don't go to heaven is not because God is unreasonable/ unmerciful. He definitely is not. It is because most people are not zealous for the spiritual path (living a selfless life of service, living a life of love/truth, working on correcting their flaws in their character so they can become better human beings). The problem is that most people love their own life, comfort, and habits more than they are interested in molding themselves into becoming Christ-like beings. As a consequence, these folks do not have the power or motivation in their lives to overcome the enticements of this world. Thus, they serve the flesh; many unknowingly living their lives in total darkness. By living for self (flesh) they place their eternal souls in great peril!
>You can proclaim that you are a Christian till you are blue in the face, but if you don't strive to live a life of selfless service (pure love) - "He will know you not!"

I was shown that people who worked in communes were not weak-minded as I had previously believed. Actually, they were wiser than most because they were motivated by love, sharing, and altruism; not motivated by selfishness 
(as is most of us)

Also, I saw that acupuncture was a gift given by God to benefit mankind. I still remember seeing God literally drop this wisdom out of the heavens!
{Bible - "Every good and perfect gift comes from Above ... from the Father of heavenly lights."}

I have learned that just because a spiritual practices is foreign to me, it does not mean that God is not involved in it. It is not necessary for one to understand the validity of all the spiritual paths (unless, of course, you desire to become personally involved with that path). We have enough work ourselves just to fully walk in the light daily! Thus, I've learned through this experience that it is always wise to bow one's head low and be humble and to think carefully before passing judgment on some spiritual practice which is foreign to us.
Sadly, in my past too often I had mocked the works of God - a big sin!
 {Though, if you are positive that something is of satan, by all means don't hesitate to expose it!}
I saw that I had to repent for all of my mocking. In fact, I saw that much of my mockings had been directed at God's friends (servants)! To even recall this grave error of mine makes my knees shake in fear. What a huge sin!

As we walk in the light God's grace gradually removes our dark side, and we become gradually purified. In this purified state, we become more and more innocent and less and less carnal; more like an angel and less like a beast. Thereby we become more Godlike. When we fall short and sin, God is more than willing to forgive us if we repent, clean-up our mess that we created, and then return to the straight and narrow road.
{As Alcoholics Anonymous states, "We are not expecting spiritual perfection, we  desire steady spiritual progress'' >Add up the math, over time steady spiritual progress leads to spiritual perfection!}

Contrary to what Christendom teaches I actually saw with my own eyes that we are capable of becoming perfect! God is perfectly Fair and Just and would not hold us accountable to such a high standard if we were not capable of attaining it! He expects us to be sincere in our hearts, and be willing to back this sincerity up with the commitment of our lives (through deeds). God is really not that hard-line; it is we the human race, who are so selfish, so fallen.

Note: It's important that you understand the essence of this: God is a pure and holy God. Most of us are so filthy in our sinful ways we don't even know what holiness is. Being aware of our extremely fallen state, plus the paramount importance of holy-humility on the spiritual path, it is wise to only come before the Lord in the name of Jesus or some great Saint; not by yourself! 
(For this same reason the Muslims wash themselves before prayer, the devotees of eastern paths take off their shoes before entering a temple, and the orthodox Jews only spell out God's name in prayer books)

Also, the Lord revealed other aspects of my life. Remember the times when things did not work out for me and I used to become so angry? This was God, Himself, who was protecting me by stopping me. In my football days the most insignificant, wimpiest fellow on the entire team felled proud me. Often, God uses the humble, insignificant things of the world to fell the proud - this is one of His signatures!
God used the wimpiest fellow on the entire team to fell proud me!
{Bible - "God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise."}

Other examples: 
  • The Shepherd boy, David, felled the seemingly invincible giant Goliath with two smooth stones. 
  • The proud evil king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, was humbled by, for many seasons, eating grass as the oxen. 
  • God in his weakness, Jesus on the cross, demonstrated His greatest power over evil. 

Only God-centered people who have complete faith in His inherent goodness have the 'eyes to see' His hand at work in their most painful trials. What a great blessing it is for the person who possesses such eyes!

The Almighty had shown me that He had blessed me by making me a gifted runningback in football. But since I had no spiritual foundation, I did not attribute my skill to God's grace. Therefore, I did not give God any credit for my success; thereby I was robbing His glory, and without realizing it I was becoming puffed-up. My success was gradually swelling my head. Though, since I was such a shallow person at that time period I was totally unaware of how this talent was negatively affecting me.{Bible - God warns - "No man shall rob my glory."}  
Now, you know the reason for this divine warning; because robbing God's glory swells our egos, making us proud! 

The Lord showed me that if our head becomes swelled, it becomes extremely hard for one to ever get saved! So by that disappointing injury which abruptly ended my promising football career the Lord was further protecting my eternal soul by preventing me from becoming famous.  Because, if I wasn't stopped (injured) I would have become highly esteemed in the eyes of men, but would have become tons harder for me to ever get right with God.

Remember my health problems? This is God's mercy once again! How incredible!! God's mercy for me was at its height when I felt I was the most unfortunate! Who could figure it?!? All this time God had actually been protecting my soul from my own self-destructiveness; I just did not have the spiritual eyes to see it. 
Even though I had never cared at all about God, He cared deeply about me!

If God favors you and you do not submit to Him voluntarily, He will personally break you. His intent is to humble you, so that your soul can be saved. So, this tough love is His great mercy! Though, the Lord would much prefer that we humble ourselves voluntarily since He loves us and therefore takes no pleasure in making us suffer. He would much prefer the sinner voluntarily humbles himself.

Additionally, the Lord showed me that this entire creation >plants, trees, and animals is groaning in pain over its separation from Him. Also, He revealed to me that He is behind all monotheistic religions that submit to His laws of sacrificial love. They are all dear to Him, even though few people truly practice them in the proper spirit, which is what the Eternal One requires. Since sincere devotees from all these different religions are very dear to God, thus they ought to become very dear to us as well!
(Note: I'm not saying that all these religions are teaching pure truth. Sadly, truth and lies/falsehoods are mixed together!)

Also, the Lord revealed to me the kind of love that He has for people. He looks at all of us through the eyes of eternity. His overriding desire is to purify the darkness from our souls. The suffering He has to put us through to achieve that end is secondary (to purify the stain of worst sins often we have to suffer, sometimes horribly!). However, it will greatly minimize our sufferings if we learn to see God's hand in the painful things in our life that we cannot change - learning to see the "silver-lining" in our troubles.
(If you desire to minimize your suffering, voluntarily humble yourself, discipline yourself. Strive to live a life fully consecrated to God and serving Him selflesslyEspecially, do penance for your sins! )

Many of us, myself included, have looked at the injustices of the world and said to ourselves, "If I were God, I would run this world differently" or "If there is a God, then why is there so much suffering or injustice in the world?" 
Many things in this world appear to us to be unfair. God straightened out my thinking, and now hopefully yours also. He took me on top of 'His Holy Mountain' where I saw the whole creation from His vantagepoint. It was as though I were sitting on the cornerstone of eternity and for a moment in time my mind merged with God's! 

During that priceless-moment I saw the timeless journey of each soul, not just this present short life. I was clearly shown that we all have lived before! That everyone born into this world is born owing a debt; some with small debts, and others with larger debts. I was shown that this entire creation was perfect! It only appears imperfect because we as humans have limited knowledge that prevents us from seeing that perfect justice is being served. If I had the wisdom and power of God, I would not change a thing! Indeed, while on His holy mountain I saw with my own eyes that God is perfectly wise and just.
{Bible states - referring to God, "He is Just; all the angels proclaim it" 
Also, it states in Eastern Mysticism that at the time of death the Spiritual Master brings the disciple before the throne of God, and at that time they are given a glimpse of the creation from God vantagepoint - and all disciples leave with the same conclusion, "If I were God I would not change a thing!"}

>Important: Its very important that I educate you to the fact that in these modern times the ancient teachings of reincarnation have been tampered with by heretical 'new agers' who refuse to accept the fact of the awful severity of Divine Justice, and that this is hanging over all our heads if we walk the self-seeking road. Thus, these heretical new-agers have taken reincarnation in as their own theology, but conveniently omitted an uncomfortable portion of its doctrine called 'transmigration' 
The doctrine of transmigration teaches - People who don't make good use of their human birth, usually in their next birth they will lose this 'blessed human form' and become lower life forms - rats, bugs, trees, etc. As a result of this transmigration, the souls' journey back to its heavenly home is greatly prolonged, as are the terrible sufferings it must endure!

Purgatory and reincarnation are both true - I just don't understand where they fit together.
As all Christians know the Bible states, "As you sew you shall reap" and then the topic is not discussed that much. This Biblical principal is the same exact principal as the Eastern - 'Law of Karma'. When I was dead I was shown that this Karma principal was the major thing in people's lives.
Right action will certainly lighten the Karmic debt; Doing Penance and making Amends are huge!

Sadly, humans by nature are seeking a painless and discipline-less way to attain heaven. Thus in Bible studies people emphasize scripture passages that make attaining heaven appear easiest, and deemphasize the passages that make it appear difficult! By doing these they are watering down the gospel. And these are the very ones who think I am the heretic!
Bottom line is that all humanity despises the cross! (By the Cross I am not referring to Christ's cross, but the suffering that the Lord desires each of us to endure for His sake!)

Adherents of the Catholic teaching of purgatory, or the original untampered reincarnation teaching, both develop the priceless virtue of fear of God 
{Bible -"The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom"}
Thus, devotees of both these philosophies are equally motivated to get off their lazy, pleasure seeking butts and do something for God in their lives, motivated to get right with God.

Additionally, fear of God gives the believer the power to obey the hard directives that God sometimes imparts to us. Obeying these hard directives of God are of major importance, sometimes the game-breakers, not to be underestimated! 
(Actually, the theology of the Catholics and that of the Eastern Mystics in dealing with sin are far closer ideologically than are the theology of the Protestants and that of the Catholics). Adherents of the original reincarnation teaching and the purgatory theology both understand the sanctification process, whereas, sadly, most Protestants have only a shallow understanding of it.

It appears that the Jews at the time of Jesus believed in reincarnation.
{Bible - Math17:12-13, "I tell you that Elijah has already come and people did not recognize him. . "} 
Then the disciples understood that He (Jesus) was talking to them about John-the- Baptist.
{Also in John 9:1- The disciples asked Jesus: "Teacher whose sin has caused him to be born blind? Was it his own or his parents' sin?"}
Next, I felt myself in God's arms. I did not actually see Him at this point, but I felt incredible comfort, and His Divine love. (This feeling of God's Divine love is so wonderful that it is virtually impossible to describe, so I will not even attempt to do so). At this point without any words being spoken I knew without any doubt that I had been granted forgiveness for my former sinful life.

Interestingly, since the Lord had now totally forgiven me, the door to heaven was swung wide open before me. But since I hadn't performed any good works, my very own soul prevented me from entering therein!

(Hear this: Therefore a death-bed conversion does not insure a penitent will attain heaven as millions are wrongfully taught; it merely can save one from going to hell! 
Note: The good thief on the cross had the honor of demonstrating compassion to Jesus during the Master's last painful hours on earth; this being a priceless merit for his soul. Additionally, he was going to be dead in a few hours and thus wouldn't be afforded the opportunity to make amends. Plus, its special mercy to be in the physical presense of Jesus!)
Since my death experience, and my foray into Eastern mysticism  I've learned that one of the reasons many people want to find a Guru is for this very same reason! The Guru has attained friendship with God. The easiest way to attain heaven is to become friends with a living saint (Guru) because if the saint has compassion on you, so will God for his sake!
Now the pain that I was experiencing was purely emotional in nature, no more physical pain as I previously had felt from being punished for sins (now I was only punishing myself. But this suffering was plenty bad enough!).

Now, at this point, even if God had taken me to heaven it would have still been hellish for me because I was living in hell within myself, since I hadn't performed any good works! I was most painfully aware of the fact that I hadn't any good works credited to my account. Because of this, I was in enormous, seemingly-endless, emotional pain (and the real hell is far worse than even this!!!).
{Bible - "There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth." Additionally it is written "The one who didn't know he was doing wrong would receive fewer lashes"} 
 I can't even imagine the terrible pain backsliders experience at the time of death - those who know the truth and don't return to God! The pain that they will experience is incomprehensible!!!!!! (My pain was incomprehensible, and theirs will be far worse than was mine!)

Still, my entire being was intent on remembering everything I had learned, just in case I was given another chance. I was begging the Almighty to give me another chance, but in all honesty I did not believe that I would be given one.

Next, I felt as though my entire being dissolved, then merged with the atmosphere of the room. After some time I heard a knock at the door, which stirred me out from my trance-like state.I struggled to answer the door. The mailman was there with a package. I opened the package and to my surprise found the wheatgrass juicer for which I had so long been awaiting!

I immediately assembled it, as I had a few trays of the wheatgrass growing that were ready to be juiced. (I had needed this special juicer in order to extract the life-giving juice from the grass). I then juiced enough grass to fill a 7/11 Slurpy cup (approximately 16 oz.). This juicing process zapped all of my remaining strength, as this wheatgrass juicer was manually operated. Then, I held this cup up to the heavens and exclaimed, "God, I don't know if this will help me, but I will try anything." I drank the glassful of juice. (Those of you familiar with wheatgrass juice, know that to drink 16 oz. in one sitting is far too much to consume in one sitting!)

About twenty minutes elapsed when suddenly my heart began pounding; I thought I might be having a heart attack! I had to lay down on the floor as my entire body began to quiver. After about 45 minutes, I stood up and amazingly felt strong and clear-minded. Miraculously, I urinated! (something that I could not do prior to drinking the grass juice). However, shortly thereafter I started feeling weak, and sick again; so I juiced more wheatgrass, drank the juice, and was buoyed up once again.

From this point forward my health took a gradual turn upward. All told, it took me about one full year for my physical body to adequately recover from this trauma; since all my muscles had atrophied during the few hours that I was dead.

Even today my health is not what it used to be. However, what I have lost in strength and vitality, I've gained in improved character and wisdom. Indeed, I feel it was a worthwhile trade! As you can clearly see, this experience was both incredibly painful, and incredibly blessed.
After this experience, I was what Christians call "born-again." I began to perceive life from a totally different perspective. Now, God was on the center-stage of my life, and my desire to please Him was the motivating force in my life. For the first time since early childhood I could sense the kingdom of heaven.
{Jesus proclaims, "One must be born again to see the kingdom of heaven."}

Like the song Amazing Grace proclaims:
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see."

Everything that I had previously learned or believed before this death experience
I accounted as being worth less than nothing. Now my mind was like a blank slate, and I was beginning life anew. I literally felt as though I had just been born; everything was brand new! To me, my life was now a precious gift. Now, I was not taking it for granted, as I previously had done.

God had blessed me beyond imagination! He showed me everything I had done that was sin, then it was as though I was given a Divine spanking for these sins (and it really hurt!). God is a big dude. On the other side, when He blesses its unspeakably pleasurable. On the other hand, when He punishes its unspeakably painful. 

Next, the Lord graciously showed me how to live my life in a selfless (sinless) fashion. Then, He gave me my life back, and said in a wordless way, "Now live it; but in the proper spirit!" (Now, you also have been taught)
The Almighty had personally taught me the basics of spirituality, and then He gave me a fresh new start, in order to practice it. 
>So now, hopefully, you will make a brand new start as well!

Interestingly enough, I now believed that since I had committed myself to live entirely for God, my whole life would be boring, and I humbly accepted that fact. 
It seemed that way because I did not think that I was going to 'get anything for myself' anymore.
(At that time I was so spiritually naive that I didn't even know the well-known spiritual precept, "It is in giving that you receive"). 
I had just made a deal with God to strive to serve Him selflessly with all of my actions, and at the same time resigned myself to what appeared on the surface to living an extremely boring life.

To my great amazement I have discovered that my expectations were completely wrong! My life has been anything but boring!! I will not tell you what happens when you commit your life totally for God and put that ideal into practice, because I do not want to rob you of that personal discovery that you need to experience for yourself. It is the mystery of spiritual life that worldly people will never comprehend. It is something which must be personally experienced.

Something mysterious happens when you jump off of that inner cliff, and consecrate your life to God; striving to live out His teachings daily in every aspect of your life (it must become your lifestyle). If you have not yet done so, I urge you to consider making this lifelong commitment. Though, once you make it you can never break it, under any circumstances. Breaking vows to God are among the most gigantic of sins! For that reason Jesus advised us to "Count the cost" before making commitments to God).

Note: Jesus never taught that one can't live the spiritual life without making a vow. Though, the commitment to God that one makes is not a one way commitment either, God commits Himself to us as well! God always reciprocates.

If you have made a vow to God in the past to serve Him and have fallen away, you must repent and recommit yourself  - or more than enormous sorrow awaits you at the time of death! Remember, we are dealing with the Creator of all the universes,  He is not a mere man!
{Bible - "For whom much has been given, much will be expected." 
Also, recall the parable of the rich man giving out talents, and the fate of the servant who buried his one talent}

Life does have a higher purpose, and this total commitment to God (with or without a vow), is only the first step to discovering that higher purpose.
Just as in a bees' hive, the sole purpose of the worker bees' existence is to serve the Queen Bee; the sole purpose of our existence is to serve God in all that we do. By refusing to do this we act against the purpose for which we were created, thus we become 'lost souls.' Sadly, most people are 'lost souls'. 
So please act wisely by not wasting anymore of your precious life! 
Most of us have already wasted too much precious time already!!

Through my death experience I saw that nobody gets away with any of their evil actions.  For example, speaking of nazis who escaped prosecution for their terrible crimes people say that its 'not fair' or they are 'getting away with it' .
Maybe you have done evil or dishonest things in secret and never got caught. 
I will tell you for sure that no-one can get away with anything! If you don't expedite your sins in this life you will pay a far heavier price on the other side! This is what I saw with my own eyes!! Therefore, the ones who pay for their sins in this world are the fortunate ones!!!! (This is totally in line with Catholic theology)

Mother Teresa stated, "I'm not trying to convert others to my religion; I'm trying to make them into human beings."
My friend, Mother Teresa understands the sole purpose of religion. 
Anyone who preaches contrary to this is at least under a partial deception.
If you are not really trying to reform yourself and become all good like HE is (Christ-like), you are totally deceived.

To get close to God you do not have to study your brains out as many seem to believe. The Jews of old took God's simple teachings and made them complex. Jesus came and made it all simple again, and easy to understand, and today's Christians have once again complicated it! It is good to study the scriptures as the Apostle Paul admonishes us; but this knowledge becomes as sin if it is not put into practice. {Bible - "Whoever knows what is right and fails to do it, for him it is sin". - James 4:17}

Many are wrongly taught to spend all their spare time going over scriptures again and again, thinking they will obtain the ultimate truth from the words. The scriptures only point the way. One must strive to fully practice the teachings in their day-to-day life. Only then do our spiritual eyes open and understanding comes. When you become one with the teachings through walking the the path, only then you begin to understand the heart of the Eternal One.
{Brother Giles, a Franciscan-Christian saint stated, "A man is only as wise as the truth he puts into practice and no more" }

Often, instead of further studying, its far preferable to spend the bulk of our time taking some positive action, thereby developing those virtues that the scripture speaks of. This famous saying is good advice: 
"An ounce of practice is worth tons of theory"
{Jesus states "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." - Matthew 5:1 
Also, St. Francis of Assisi said, "Christ preferred action above teaching"}

When one strives to fully practice the holy teachings that the scriptures admonishes us to follow our religion becomes alive (real), and it becomes a direct link to the living God. However, if a person only reads and quotes scriptures parrot-like, his religion is dead. So if you are not willing to give your religion a whole-hearted effort, you are wasting your time because God doesn't play.

{Jesus said: "Those who save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake will preserve it"}

Paul was a great man of God who spoke many great truths, but with all humility    I'm sorry to say that a few things that He was purported to say were contrary to the teachings of Christ! Here is one: "There is no name under heaven and earth where a man must be saved!" That wisdom goes directly against the teachings of Christ! When Jesus spoke about salvation the apostles were shocked at the level of commitment to God that He required. They said things like, "Who then can be saved?" Here are a few the requirements for salvation that Jesus gave to us 
1 - "Those who save their live will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake 
      will preserve it"
2 - "If you don't do the will of the Father I will know you not!"
3 -  "If your righteousness is not greater than the Pharisee you will not be saved"

I wholeheartedly agree that the name of Jesus is above all other names, but you can never say to God that He must save you... 
{As the Bible states - ''Only those who persevere to the end " have that salvation guarantee - none others!}
Common sense: It's wise to base your life on a truth that is bitter, rather than foolishly basing your life on a lie (or half-truth) that makes you feel happy.

Some of the teachings Jesus gave us are the following: 
  • "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God" 
  • "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven' 
  • "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy" 
  • "Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God" 
  • "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" 
  • "If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly Father forgive your trespasses" 
  • "Pray for those who persecute you so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes the sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust" 

Here, Jesus is teaching us important spiritual principles that will bless the one who follows them. He never said you have to first accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior for these spiritual principles to work. These spiritual principals will bless anyone who practices them, and they will receive the promised results 
- even if you are from another faith, or are even an atheist!

(Christians say that being a good person will not get one into heaven, but when I was dead it was made clear to me that they are wrong! Recall in the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus was admonishing us to be like him? Jesus held this fellow in high esteem. According to what was written of the Good Samaritan we don't know anything about him except that he had a great love for his neighbor; that he was the kind of fellow who would give anyone in serious need the shirt off his back. 
Since Jesus held this fellow is such high esteem obviously Jesus considered him  worthy of heaven! > I'm speaking works brother! 
{Jesus spoke works, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy!"}

It has been said that "knowledge puffs up, but charity builds up." Many intellectual fools waste their precious time playing with scripture verses instead of developing inner purity, and being fruitful in good works.
{A 13th-century Saint, St. Francis of Assisi, possibly the greatest follower of Christ of all time said - "Christ preferred action above teaching."}
Sadly, most of Christendom makes a terrible mistake by following the very opposite path - placing teaching above action!

My dear friend, if you study the life of a Saint named Francis of Assisi and his companions, it will definitely deepen your understanding of what it takes to be a good Christian; I guarantee it. It has done that for me!
(The book - "The Little Flowers of St. Francis" by  Raphael Brown)

Many Pastors, Rabbis, and Spiritual Scholars will suffer horribly on Judgment Day because they do not practice the holy teachings that they preach to others to practice( this being hypocrisy). Especially bad if one is a hypocrite and subsists off the charity of others. Their punishment will be far worse because God expects those who subsist off charity to be first class!

Sadly as we saw, most members of mankind are not interested in God and His ways. For them, it would have been better if they had never been born! And remember, the Religious who are hypocrites are far worse than them! Woe to them!! (Now you know the reason that Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for the religious leaders of his day)

If secular people only understood the fact that God is not on a power trip, as many believe. All His laws are designed by Him, when obeyed, to make us into better human beings (To restore our character, and purify our souls). Through His holy laws, He is trying to teach us to live nobly, so we can become like Jesus and the Saints, who are in the image of our noble Father in heaven. To become the best human beings that we can become; to reach our full potential in goodness. The Lord wants us to act in a humble-righteous fashion, as He Himself acts! Since we are created in His image, God expects us to act accordingly! If people only realized these simple truths, I believe that all good people would be willing to take up the cross of self-denial, and live God-centered lives.

Again, concerning salvation the only guarantee is this:
"Those who persevere to the end will be saved"
Christ is the one who separates the faithful from the unfaithful, the sheep from the goats. His great sacrifice on the cross will ultimately only benefit His flock. And my friend, when you die you might just see people from different Faiths accepted in His flock, and many who professed to be Christians turned away! His flock consists of only those who earnestly strive to live God's sacred teachings, thereby they are becoming noble human beings; like Jesus
{Bible-Jesus said, "In my Father's house there are many mansions} -- Some of these mansions are created for people of other Faiths!

During the days of Jesus the Pharisees assumed they were God's children because they had Jewish blood. They proclaimed their father was Abraham. However, their twisted characters revealed that they were in the image of satan! Therefore, Jesus said of them, "Their father is really the devil." Please, take a honest objective look at yourself  and make sure you are not like them! I'm sorry to say that most of the religious / spiritual people of today are just like those depraved Pharisees!!

We Must Walk the Talk!

If you are sincere and willing to back it up with living a God-centered lifestyle, there is no need to fear for your salvation. Your ultimate salvation is assured if living to please God is your priority. The Lord wants us to sincerely strive to put Him and His higher principles first in all areas of our life. Trying is winning in God's book! The Lord is extremely merciful and patient towards all sincere people who desire to live noble lives. As I previously said, since we are all made in God's image, the Father expects us to act as He acts; like Jesus acts! Think about it, "Don't you think that God is being reasonable???"

Though, even if a man be very sincere, if that man does not also cultivate discipline, he cannot bear much good fruit. But, with sincerity and discipline a man can become a spiritual giant, bearing much good fruit!
{Bible - "Other seeds fell on good soil and brought forth grain, some a hundred-fold, some sixty, some thirty. - Matt. 13:8}

Though, if you are riding the fence, you ought to fear greatly because you are gambling with your soul! Salvation is not cheap. It is a great honor reserved only for those who are sincerely striving to love God and what is right more than anything else in this world. You must be very sincere about your spiritual life or the pleasures of life and/or cares of the world will draw you away from the right path.

When a student studies for a test the studying helps him pass that test. In this same way, but far more importantly, when you read the holy scriptures or the teachings of the Saints, it will give you the wisdom so that you can pass the all-important tests of life. The enemy of our soul lays many hidden traps; humility and wisdom are needed to defeat him or he may defeat you! Just remember that studying is not an end in itself. If it has become that for you, you are following a false path.

A Franciscan saint gave the following parable, "Sometimes a ship appears on the sea that is beautiful, large, new, and full of rich treasure. But some disaster happens to it and it does not reach port safely but sinks miserably - what good did all its excellence and beauty do for it? Again sometimes there is a ship on the sea that is small, ugly, old, contemptible, and not full of treasure. And with great difficulty it escapes the dangers of the sea, and safely reaches port. That alone is worthy of praise. This happens also with men in this world. So it is right that we should all fear" (Bible - For that same reason Paul admonishes us to, "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling")

We must repent for our sins, making restitution whenever possible; sometimes doing penance. This way we can clear the stain of sin from our souls. Otherwise, if we die with stains on our soul its not a good thing. The Christians talk about "Getting right with God." I will tell you truly that this is by far the most important thing that you can ever do! Please, do it straight-away, making this the priority! By doing that you are proving to God that you fear Him and honor Him, as the Lord of your life. {Jesus stated, "Repent or Perish."}

God's mercies are greater than our sins. Thus, no sinner who is sincere about reforming himself should ever despair of God's mercies. Though, the greater your sins the more you may have to sacrifice and/or suffer to come out.
{Bible - "Return to me, though your sins be as red as scarlet, I will make them white as snow."}

God loves us more than we can conceive. He truly desires to forgive and bless those who both repent for their sins, make restitution whenever possible, and strive to walk the right road; the path of humble-righteous living. 
This is the experience of countless servants of God.

God has one huge problem - the free will He has entrusted to mankind. When we misuse it, even He cannot help us!  As merciful as God is, He is also righteous; He will punish sin. So, to a large extent your salvation is in your own hands; so be wise by using your free will wisely!

Having that same purpose in mind, St. Francis of Assisi (the most Christ-like mortal of all time) labored at maximizing every Godly virtue within himself (great love, compassion, humility, selflessness, purity, obedience, courage, etc.). In a very practical sense, dying to self and perfecting these virtues within oneself is what it means to become Christ-like. To a large extent, this is what is meant by making Jesus the Lord of your life - and you cannot have Him as Savior, without also making Him your Lord.
Gandhi (perhaps the most Christ-like man of this century) stated, "The greatest flattery is imitation" . . . that is because becoming Christ-like, like the early Franciscans strove for, is where it is really at!

Hear this: If you consider yourself a Christian you must truly strive to please God with your whole being, for your entire life, otherwise you might not get saved!

Now I feel it is the time to smash another Christian sacred cow: the blood of Christ is the only way for man to atone for his sins. This statement is - FALSE! 
Not only does my death account point to this fact but according to Jewish teachings there was always three different ways to atone for sins; the sin sacrifice (blood; known in the Jewish scriptures as Korban Chatat), repentance (my JDE speaks of this), and charity. In Christianity's zeal to glorify Jesus, some passages of the original Hebrew Bible have been re-interpreted and taken out of context, and these falsehoods have been passed down from generation to generation, till they have been institutionalized! By taking God's word out of context we have inadvertently covered over and buried for dead other mercies of God the Father (other than the blood). The Lord through me intends to raise these other mercies from the dead for all Christians to see. 
>to receive more in-depth knowledge on the atonement subject: - read their response to Jews for Jesus. 

If you take the time to investigate you will find that the blood is the only purely gratuitous way (free gift) to atone for sins. To atone through the other ways, you have to pay some price. (Didn't Jesus, Himself, say - "I've come for the sick, the well don't need a doctor?") 
>The well do some penance for their own sins; its a higher path if you can manage it without getting puffed-up.

More ways to atone: 1 PETER 4:8 - "Above all, love each other deeply, because love coverith a multitude of sins". . yet, another way to atone!

JAMES 5:20- Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his ways will save him from death, and coverith a multitude of sins". . . still another way!

Additionally, King Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon got saved by eating grass like the oxen! (Recall what kind of person he was before his penance, and how after doing that penance, over time, he became spiritually transformed!). 
Plus, I've discovered there are even other ways to atone not spoken of in the Bible! 
Yes, God's mercy book is bigger than what is displayed in the Holy-Bible!!

Wake up! Christ never said one had to be a Christian to get blessed by practicing spiritual principals. Anyone who practices spiritual principals will receive the blessed promised results; atoning for their sins! It will work whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Sikh!

(Some Believers are afraid of stepping out into uncharted waters as I have done; afraid of heresy. This is a valid concern. Even though I am a man who fears God, I do this work fearlessly. Because I know that TRUTH is Jesus (I am the way, the truth and the life), therefore as long as I stand on what I know to be true, I am always in the center of God's will. Get it?

What I am now going to say next is common sense, please ponder this: Selfless love put into action through hard work gradually purifies the sin-darkened heart. Proof of being inwardly cleansed is that you begin to see with your own mortal eyes the Divine everywhere!{Bible - "The pure at heart shall see God."}                   *Note: When one walks the hard road for God's sake it purifies one even faster!!

Additionally, Mother Teresa made the following statement, "I am grateful for the poor, because without them I would have never found Jesus". . . Mother Teresa definition of finding Jesus is lots deeper than your average born-again. She is speaking of seeing the Divine everywhere!

When the psalmist made this statement concerning God, "The whole earth is full of His glory" - that was the personal experience of the author. The author was a man who was pure at heart. Now, when one walks the hard road, the road of penance, it takes a greater love. Practicing this greater love purifies the sin-stained heart much faster than performing easier services to God. Aren't I making sense?
Here is a parable that illustrates why the born-again Christians are misguided on the subject of sanctification, please receive this (Note: this parable is vile, but it had to be!): "The entire world is like a big toilet and all us unrepentent sinners are sitting in the stool on the bottom of the toilet. Then we accept Jesus and have a spiritual rebirth (born again) - now we are elevated a few inches out of the stool! Since we are accustomed to lying directly on the stool, and now it merely smells real bad, we naturally believe that we have arrived, that we are free! But as we walk the path we start rising more away from the stool, and as we do the bad smell get less and less nasty. The entire time we think we are free in Jesus, since we have nothing to compare our new levels of freedom to except our lying directly on the stool! Finally, a rare soul is elevated completely out of the toilet and for the first time that person breathes fresh air! That person has become a fully sanctified Christian (Living Saint), and is the only person who is really free in Jesus (just like the spiritual state of the psalmist,  and that of Mother Teresa!). The other people are covered in darkness to varying degrees, but they don't realize this." Now do you understand?

The Almighty has wanted me to say everything that I have said here. I'm not trying to take anyone away from Jesus; I am merely opening up people's  minds to God's larger spiritual providence!

Now, even after all I have discussed here some may still call my views heresy. The real heretics are those who believe and teach that a Christian is saved no matter how hypocritical or evil he is; this eternal security doctrine is popular, but its pure baloney! This eternal security doctrine is not only heresy; it is the ultimate heresy! This lie is the devil's crowning achievement because because of it millions of souls who call themselves Christians will go to hell!
In large part, it is for the benefit of these souls that the Lord wanted me to write this manuscript!

Sadly, it is uncommon to find people holding to the true spirit of the scriptures in any religion. Though, you and I have the opportunity to practice the true spirit. The truth is in the sacred teachings for all to learn and, most importantly, to put into practice. The true spirit can be observed within the holy, saintly people in every true religion. So, "Read the holy teachings and LIVE IT, or don't bother reading it!!"
(Bible - "Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.")

Finally, do not be impressed by leaders who are popular, smart, good-looking, highly educated, charismatic, or even gifted preachers. If they don't have a good character ... don't even receive their words!

This book was an instruction manual on "The art of living". When you couple this wisdom with regular daily devotions, they both enhance one another. When both of these disciplines are daily adhered to, they work together as two wheels work together to move a chariot - to bless your life!

Additionally, its absolutely imperative that we learn to become grateful to God for all the good things that He has given to us in our lives (material and spiritual), and praise Him for it. Gratefulness means worlds to God!
{When Christ returns the spelling of gratefulness to God will officially change to greatfulness, to remind us all that to be grateful to God is something. . . GREAT!

God really honors a grateful man. When you think about it, all the praise and worship in Church, and all the Eastern religion's chanting is demonstrating gratefulness to God!
 {A great Sikh Saint named Kirpal Singh stated, "The biggest sin is the sin of ungratefulness"} 
>I don't believe that it is thee biggest sin, but it is definitely a very large one!
When the Lord speaks to you about something that is important for your soul, its important to put the time aside and praise Him for the revelation that He has just blessed you with. Next, immediately write it down to preserve this holy-instruction, because if its important the devil will try to make you forget what has just been imparted to you!

The Lord showed me that its crucial to put into practice the good things that our religion teaches. Even if you follow the greatest of religions; it will do you no good if you do not put those teachings into practice.
{Brother Giles a great 13th century Christian-Franciscan Saint said, "A man has only as much wisdom as the truth he puts into practice, and no more."}
I find that percentage-wise very few Christians in the western nations walk a harder road for God. The Lord desires to create a new way, a higher way, that is centered not in a building; rather it is centered in the streets!

The Bible speaks of the Almighty's most important anointing on the planet: what He did through the ancient Hebrews, the advent of the Messiah, then the subsequent spreading of the gospels throughout the middle east and parts of Europe. God was working with others in the east.

The point I am making here is that the Creator blessed us westerners with Jesus and the gospels, but He did not forget about His other children in other lands. 
He shed His grace on them in other ways.
Since the time period that I experienced this death experience of mine, I've been involved with many Bible believing Christians and the Hare-Krishnas {monotheistic Hindus}. Sadly, many are know-it-alls; believing they are experts on spirituality.  Even though many speak with authority, and I'm including Hare Krishna Gurus and Christian Bishops, many dispense some (certainly not all) faulty spiritual advice. I'm not saying that they knowingly do this. Just because the Lord liberally blesses us all, this leads people to mistakenly believe that their theology is flawless. God blesses us due to our devotion to Him and our good deeds, not due to correct theology! I haven't been involved in all the spiritual paths but I'm quite certain this same scenario exists in all organized religions.

Before we go any further Our Eternal Father wants me to comment on people who do horrible things in His name, or in the capacity as His representative. For example the Muslim self-proclaimed holy-warriors, or the Catholic priests who molest children, or those who refuse to resign who are caught in the cover-up of these terrible sins against the innocent ones. When we have religion, anger, people pleasing (group pressure), and politics get mixed together - it creates  real perverse people.
Those perverse and deceived ones who purposely murder innocent ones while proclaiming Allah Akbar are giving a horrible witness for God to the secular world, and their awful witness is chasing many good, non-muslim seculars away from the Almighty. By publicly performing blood-thirsty deeds in His name, they are making an all-good God look like satan in the eyes of the seculars! The same goes for those perverse Catholic Priests! To slander God's flawless reputation, worldover, is such a huge sin, that it by comparison makes all my worst sins in my death experience look like holy-deeds! Sadly, these terrorists actually believe that they will receive a Martyr's reward! 

*The Almighty has taught me that if I desire to know His will I have to always remain objective, without having any personal agenda, always open to be proven wrong at any juncture. 

You may reply that Israel is Muslim land and I only am supportive of Israel because I am of Jewish blood.  My response is to give you the simple answer that God told me to give: Both Jews and Muslims believe Moses to be a prophet. It's common knowledge that 3500 years ago Moses brought the Hebrews out of Egypt, and led them into a land given to them by God; the Promised Land. Since God gave them that land how can any devout Muslim claim this is Muslim property? It's an affront to common sense. 

Some Muslim and Christians alike believe that God did initially give the Jews that land, but it was taken away as a result of them not only rejecting Christ, but instigating his crucifixion. Also, I  believe this to be true.
But, the Lord severely punished the Jews and then gave them their land back (1948). (The teachings on Karma state that there are two types of Karma; individual karma and group karma. For example, my personal karmic account may be pretty clean, but if I was a Jew living in Nazi occupied Europe I would end up suffering horribly with my people in a concentration camp)

The reason that the Muslims nations believe that God has permanently revoked His gift of the holy land to the Jews is because that is what they want to believe. 
If the Muslims want to be certain about God's will on this matter they ought to call a universal fast and prayer; seeking God's will before they proceed with their violent agenda!  
If we want to ascertain God's will we must remain neutral; having no personal agenda, only wanting to know His will -  then the Lord will reveal His will to us!
If we are not neutral we will never know the truth about things!

Furthermore, the Jews are willing to share their God-given land with their anger-addicted and violent neighbors. That is pretty nice of them!
A big percentage of the Arabs are a people who are polluted by the sin of rage. They consider themselves faithful servants of God, but actually, they have created a false-god of their own imagination! This false God conveniently rubber-stamps all their vicious acts against people of other Faiths. Another false-god that they have created is that they have made it out of their fellow Muslim brethren (yet sadly, they don't see these flaws about themselves). 

Shortly before I wrote this section of the book the Lord spoke to me through a good lady who was picketing an abortion clinic. The Almighty desires that I grandstand the statement which she spoke to me. . .

             "WE WERE MADE FOR HEAVEN"

Through this JDE of mine I am convinced of the truth of this statement. The Lord created man because He wanted children, children to bless. Our soul is made in the likeness of the Father, but it is in miniature.
{This is what the Hare-Krishnas teach. Also, when the Lord was speaking about creating man to the Heavenly Hosts He said, "Let us make man in our own image"}

When the Eternal One created man it was a massive experiment whereas He trusted us with the gift of free-will. Free-will is something outside of His control. He assumed that most of us would choose the right road by striving to live lives of humble-righteousness; that being the purpose for which we were created. That way He (God) would be able to bless our lives, and we would be greatful to Him. Just as love wants to share, God loves to bless, to share His glory with those who merit it by consciously choosing to walk the noble road. But God is a righteous being who will only bless right-action, and He will punish selfish-actions; actions which violate the law of righteousness.

Sadly for God, His massive experiment turned into a massive nightmare! Most of humankind chose to misuse their precious gift of free-will by rejecting the right path; the path of taking up the cross of denial-of-self, and for His sake living humble-righteous lives. Instead, most of mankind chose to live their lives for their own enjoyment; this being against the Divine order of things.

As a consequence of the vast majority of mankind 'walking the wide road that leads to destruction', God's all-seeing eyes has to observe billions of the deceased  punishing themselves for their sins, and observe this 24/7, and seeing only a small percentage of the people getting blessed! (along with the job of being a judge, coming the job of dispensing punishment). Plus, sinful mankind keeps procreating, thereby forcing a God who was once only experienced unceasing love and bliss, to punish more and more countless multitudes of souls! Certainly, God is not a sadist! This disgusting task of punishing sinful man is like a good Father having to continually rear spoiled and ungrateful children, and rear them continually without end.
{Bible - "For that same reason it states that in the days of Noah, God was sorry that He had created man. Thereby He resolved Himself to destroy most - and we have far, far, more sinful souls on earth today compared to that ancient time!}

Through this Judgment Day Experience (JDE) we learned that God expects us all to attain the platform of perfect love, ultimately to become living Saints; like the Prophets and the Apostles.

I don't like using the word Saint because most Protestants falsely assume that they become saints as soon as they commit their life to Christ. Clearly, they are deceived here because most Christians have never had the good fortune of meeting real live Saints as I have. Sainthood is when someone attains their full spiritual potential; becoming a son of God.

Additionally, when I speak on the topic of Sainthood to wrongly discipled Christians (most), often I ask this question: "Is a caterpillar a butterfly? Most of us never graduate beyond the caterpillar stage of development, very few attain cocoonship, and almost no-one ever develops into a butterfly! A Living Saint is like that butterfly; one who has become pure, and who has entered and resides in heaven prior to bodily death."          
{Jesus states, "I give you power to become sons of God" - He didn't say you automatically become one}

If you reflect how very few living Saints we have in the world today it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what a very great disappointment and burden sinful man is on the Lord. Before the Almighty created man His joy was complete and unceasing; now He has constant, undeserved pain. Even though God's bliss is so high it is far beyond our mortal comprehension; stiff-necked fallen man has become as a constant low level pain (perhaps as an infection that one might have in one's foot).

Instead of consciously manifesting love, which would bring God great joy, most of the human race lives for self (selfishly) ... which really bums God out ... in the same way that one depressed person can hinder the joyful atmosphere at a party! Plus, the more that sinful man procreates, the more countless multitudes of people God has to witness dying in their sins. After death, these souls putting themselves through unspeakable horrors to make amends for the sins that they committed during their earthly existence! The holy all-seeing eyes of God has to continually witness this hellish drama unfold!! He has to watch billions suffering 24/7!!!

The Lord is getting tired of having to continually watch this house-of-horrors. 
So if you love God, discipline your life and punish yourself for your own sins (doing fitting penance); thereby you will let Him (God) off the hook, thereby He most happily will let you off cheaply.
(For that reason if we do penance for our sins in this life we can pay off what would be a huge debt, with a mere farthing!}

Note: When you punish yourself for a particular sin, as long as you are fair with God (being not too lenient with yourself), God most of the time honors it! A great example of a big sinner doing penance for his sins is depicted in the movie - "The Mission". This is a deeply spiritual movie; much can be learned from watching it. Whomever produced this movie should get a medal. 
God, Himself, loves this movie!
The Lord's all-good intention for His people is to mold them in the image of a person who is all-good, a person who is like Jesus and the Saints! (Interestingly, the wandering monks in India are called Sahdus. The Sanskrit word 'Sahdu' translated into English means 'All-good') 
The Lord truly desires all believers to attain our maximum potential in goodness. And my friend, I ask you, what is better than becoming the best person that you can become? I declare that nothing is better than that!! And God doesn't expect us to become perfect right away; He gives us many years to attain that most worthy goal!
Please consider this: The bottom line is that even if there was no heaven or hell, I'd still want to walk the spiritual road. Why? Because I say to you that there is nothing preferable in life than becoming the best person that you can become! Nothing!!
This is the true purpose of religion, and what it means to accept Jesus. Heaven is prepared only for those who walk this noble road.

Sincerely, Daniel Rosenblit,
Copyright 1998, All right reserved
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